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…and God laughed!

“Jesus wept.” (John 11:35) The shortest verse in the Bible. Jesus wept when His friend Lazarus died and the Lord got to the tomb.

But of God laughing?

Other than three references to God laughing in Psalms:

1. Psalm 59:8 when David pens that God laughs at Saul’s men outside his house waiting for opportunity to kill him.

2. Psalm 37:13 where David again pens that God laughs at the plans of the wicked because He knows their day is coming.

3. Psalm 2:4 where again it reads that God laughs at the wicked.


That’s it, all I can find in scripture in reference to God laughing. In neither case do I think it refers to a laughter because God is truly amused, that He finds the events humorously funny, but that scoffing laughter one does at the reality of someone’s foolishness.

Yet, I am equally sure God laughs. With me alone as His daughter He must laugh at least once a day. God certainty isn’t against humor, as some believe. Proverbs 17:22 tells us that a cheerful heart is good medicine. ALL our emotions and feelings are part of our human design and like anger, we can use them to help us do things to change the world for the better or worse. One way we don’t sin, one way we do.

It would be wonderful, I think, if somewhere in the Scripture it read, “…and God laughed!”

  • Maybe at the antics of the children Jesus rebuked the disciples for keeping from Him in Matthew 19:13-15.
  • Maybe at something one of the disciples did sitting around a fire in the late night hours.
  • Perhaps at some statement Sarah might have made about changing diapers and midnight feedings at her age.
  • Or even at Abraham trying to keep up with a four-year-old Isaac in his older age when off with his son somewhere.

I am sure, as God moves in our lives, that He experiences what we do, He sees things from our perspective and He works all things together for our good. (Romans 8:28) So He must laugh at some of the things we do as we laugh at our own children and the things they say and do in innocence.

Like I’m sure right now God is chuckling at me as I’m writing this huddled beneath the covers with my back and right arm and shoulder freezing when I could turn the ceiling fan off and write in comfort. God is surely laughing at me and shaking His head at my illogical actions!

What do you do in your life that God must laugh at? Dance with your daughter to the Sesame Street theme song? Plot with your son to surprise his mother? Your singing in the shower? Talk to yourself out loud and answer your own questions?

God must laugh. I think we must too. Although it certainly has an appropriate time to be done it must still be a freeing and honest part of our emotional, physical and spiritual lives. After all, laughter is good for the soul.

Go laugh today!


Pinterest and Christianity

The internet has existed longer than I can tell you. “Surfing the web” has become a world-wide past-time. Different search engines have come and gone with a few seeming to rise to the top such as Google© and Bing© but it wasn’t until Pinterest© came into my life that a way to organize what I’d searched for and not have to save web sites or bookmark pages existed that I could use easily. Now, let there be no doubt, my family moans over my “addiction” to Pinterest©. My oldest niece who introduced me to Pinterest© commented recently that, “Yes, I introduced my aunt to Pinterest© and yes, now she is addicted!” following a particular sleepless night when I spent considerable time looking at information on Pinterest© and sent her a dozen pins. Time, I’m sure, some would quickly point out I could spend more productively in prayer and Bible study. I willingly admit that argument could ring true. Who among us can claim they pray enough? Or study God’s Word enough? None and I count myself among those confessors.

There seems to be little we can just “enjoy” in life anymore in the way of entertainment and feel any measure of safety. There are few television shows that I can watch without either cringing from the shows use of language, situations, humor or the commercials. Little I am able to physically, financially, spiritually or emotionally do just to enjoy myself. Since my forced retirement on disability I’ve found “time” to spend in pursuits that I don’t have. Because part of the reason for my disability is pain and depression that is ongoing, and I don’t want to use medication beyond what makes the pain manageable, I often find myself awake in the “wee small hours of the morning”.

Prayer is a huge part of these long hours. There was even a time in my life that if I couldn’t get to sleep that I could start to pray and be out before I got to the “Amen” but not any longer. These sleepless days and nights hours seem incredibly long. Between the pain, discomfort, anxiety and depression to cope, and to allow my husband to sleep without any additional interruption I use Pinterest© as a pain management tool.

Now, how does that relate to my Christianity? Yes, I have a “boards” for Christian Parenting, Quotes about Faith, Quotes that are Scripture and my board for this blog labeled “Faith View by Faye (”. Since putting my blog on a Pinterest© board has more than doubled its subscriptions. This blog is my “witness” to the cyber world of God’s grace, mercy and the gift of salvation through His Son. Those are valid points of evidence.

Just as I try very hard to be aware of what message my Facebook© page gives and how this blog relates I am giving the same consideration to what information I pin. I may find a quote humorous but rude, or containing inappropriate language so I don’t pin it. The only secret board I have is for those articles or items I find that I question there authenticity and I want to check them out before I make the pin public. But the real relation between Pinterest© and my relationship with Jesus is in how I use it.

Here’s the bottom line folks, Pinterest© is a tool. Just as the computer, the internet, Word©, WordPress©, a hammer and a good old fashioned bookmark are tools. My faith walk is spoken most loudly by how I use these tools. While I am sure that my faith’s weaknesses shine through clearly, I also hope my faith’s existence in God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit and my striving to live that faith also shine.

Happy Pinning!


Instant Answers?

Have you ever prayed, ever pleaded
With the God Creator of the Universe
For an answer or even a miracle
Just something from Him disbursed?
Perhaps in your darkest hour
When you weren’t even sure He was there
With the last bit of faith within you
Heart, soul and mind laid bare–
And He answered?

Such a plea went up from me
Following sleepless nights
The road before me was forking
And with dawn’s early lights
I saw with all that was logical
I added the benefits up in a row
That there was seemingly but one choice
Even though it was not where I wanted to go–
My prayer?

God if you’re up there listening
And my heart still believes You are
The answer is due at eight Lord
Its so much more than money and a car,
But I’m trapped in this horrible place
No money, no chances, no way
I can’t see any other way out
You have to show me right now today–

Before my purse was in the desk drawer
Into the room I was called
I expected this was the moment
It was down to this after all
God turned everything upside down
Using a man who thought Him a fake
He’d too had a sleeplessness night
God used him to with certainly make–
An answer.

Two hours lapsed between my prayer and then
But I realized in that instant the way
God had been at work all the time
Before I prayed that dawning day
An instant answer to prayer
To a prayer God knew I’d pray
He laid the groundwork without doubt
For my way out that dreadful day.
He answered.

Don’t give up on your miracle
Or think God doesn’t hear or care
He has your answer already prepared
And He will use who or whatever to get it there
With God there is no need for panic
Your answers are there all along
Is He waiting for you to ask Him
For miracle, answer or right a wrong–
He will answer.
d.f.a.v. 10/09/13

Keep praying!

Note: It is my belief God ALWAYS answers prayers. Sometimes He says “Yes”, sometimes He says “No” and sometimes He says, “Wait”!

7:30 a.m. Prayer from the Cottage by the Sea

Poem and artwork original to author. All rights reserved.”

O Holy Father,
Master of the Universe,
Creator of all good,
Author and Sustainer of Life,
I have sinned.

Shamefully I confess
I wasn’t tricked Lord,
Satan has used this tactic before
I recognized the road signs
But I willingly sinned anyway.

Worse, when I had to admit
It was the same ole’ story
Just different names
I was disappointed it ended
Just the way sinning does.

Here I am Lord
Your prodigal daughter
Back again from the pig sty
Smelling of the stench of sin
Reeking from the evil within.

I have no excuse,
No one to cast blame upon,
No one wronged me,
No one offered me anything
That my selfish heart didn’t want.

Again Lord I drove the nails
I turned my back on You
My spittle hit Your face
My sins drove a spear into Your side
My evil required Your death upon the cross.

I’m sorry isn’t good enough,
Remorse, regret, repentance
Won’t wipe out my deeds
Can’t erase my thoughts
I hide my face but You see.

Forgive me Jesus, Son of God
Read my heart and know
I am sickened by my own sins
Yet I am still Your daughter
Consequences I will accept

Just forgive me Lord Jesus
Remove this as far as east is to west
Replace this hot bubbling guilt
With Your compassion and mercy
Use this to strengthen us.

Thank You Heavenly Father
Thank You for Your forgiveness
Thank You for Your mercy and grace
Wash this stain and stench away
Allow me in Your presence.

d.f.a.v 10/6/13

We all fall down sometimes!

Travel Advisory


There is a Travel Advisory being offered this morning for all those trekking down the Straight and Narrow Highway. (Matthew 7:13-14) Watch for the street signs, What If, If Only and What Might Have Been. They are dangerous streets for a Christian to follow!

Getting onto them is easy, you don’t really make a turn or notice the road forks and leads you off track, it just seems to happen. You find yourself with your eyes off Jesus, neglect the road map and start remembering and questioning.

How different would my life be if I had made different, (though perhaps debatable if better), decisions? 

Or if others had chosen differently?

Would I exist? Should I exist?

Could I have been someone else’s daughter? 

Someone else’s wife?  Mother?  Friend? 

If I hadn’t done this, or had done that would life be better, stronger, surer? Would I have been more content?

Would my wife have left me if I made more money?

If I had lost five more pounds would my husband have stayed?

What if we’d had a baby?

If only I’d been better at this or less concerned about that…

What might have been different if I had decided to go left instead of right?

What might have been?

If only.

What if?

Dangerous road signs to follow for they lead to the Valley of Regret, which is different from the Avenue of Remorse. Remorse is feeling sorry for things you’ve done or said or left undone or unsaid that hurt someone else or yourself which hurts God and you follow the Avenue of Remorse to Repentance Station. But you arrive in the Valley of Regret via the streets of What If, If Only and What Might Have Been. Altogether different destinations.

Once you begin down these streets it is hard to put the brakes on and make a U-turn, or get off at the next exit and get back onto the Straight and Narrow Highway. Soon you find yourself living in the Valley of Regret and that doing so has squashed all the joy and pleasure out of what IS your life.

God is not a God of regret for if He were His Word would not tell us our sins are removed from us as far as the east is from the west.  (Psalm 103:12) He’d be a God who hammered us with our mistakes, bad decisions, and if only’s until our lives with Him were miserable.

Living with a God such as that would be depressing and destructive to our esteem, heart and soul.  Yet many of us CHOOSE this type God every single day.  We refuse to forgive ourselves for stupid and costly choices so we base our spiritual life with a God who does the same. A God we make Him to be in our minds because we regret.

Sure we pray for forgiveness, forgiveness is available, God forgives anything but blasphemy against the Holy Spirit, (Mark 3:29, Luke 12:10) but we never let it go.  Hence we live our lives miserably wondering “what might have been”.

For what end?  Can we change what is for what might have been?  No.  Even if we could, would we really want to?

Not if we are living our lives under God’s grace and trusting He will keep His promise to use ALL THINGS for good for those who love Him.   (Romans 8:28) Every experience in our lives has made us who we are, and regret changes nothing. 

Now some of us are considerably more battle scarred than others.  Some of us have known terrors, devastation and heartbreak that others can’t fathom.  Some of us made decisions that ravaged someone else’s life.  Yet it is, it is who we are, it is who God forgives and frees from the guilt of our sin without removing the consequences.

Consequences are most likely what we regret, wish could be undone, wish with God’s forgiveness came a clean slate not only with Him but with everyone we’ve hurt, including ourselves.  That just isn’t how God works.

Eve and Adam decided to eat the forbidden fruit and consequences existed for them and us to this day.  God still forgave them. (Genesis 3)

Sarah laughed at God for telling Abraham she would bear a son when she was way beyond the age to bear children.  God forgave her. (Genesis 18:12)

Peter denied knowing Jesus three times in what was most likely the longest night of his life.  Jesus forgave him. (John 18:15-18, 25-27, 21:15-25)

I am often hard headed, strong willed, determined to do what I know is wrong and God forgives me.  Yet consequences remain.

What Might Have Been should not be a road I choose to travel.  The Valley of Regret not a place I choose to dwell. Neither are they for you.

I am who I am by the grace of God, and I am trusting always He will use all of my life for my good in His time. (1 Corinthians 15:10)

Regretful?  Miserable over wishing you could undo, redo, erase, insert something in your life or delete something else?  Have you taken it to God?  Has He forgiven you?  Let it go!

If you’ve wronged someone have you asked their forgiveness?  Have you done everything you can to make it right?  Let it go!

Otherwise then this becomes another “if only” or” what might have been”! Choose the Straight and Narrow Highway for it is paved with God’s forgiveness, mercy and grace!

Travel wise my friends!

The Vine and the Branches

Artwork original to author/artist, all rights reserved.</

As a college student I attended a conference at the Blue Ridge Conference Center where a media presentation was given on the passage in the Gospel of John chapter 15 verses 1-17.  Whoever put this presentation together used the most up-to-date technology and techniques available, which by today’s standard would seem amaterurish but then it was awesome.  It was powerful and the story has remained a memory I’ve held on to for over 20 years.  I’m honestly not sure of the legal issues behind my replay of it for you, but I want to share the message.

The presentation of this passage on the vine and the branches is given from the perspective of The Vine.  The Vine was content in the life it had in the vineyard with the Gardener and flourished under his attention.  It bore fruit especially appealing to repay the Gardener for the Gardener’s work and time spent with him.  The Gardener talked to the vine as he tended to it daily, making sure it could grow uninhibited and flourish with life. 

The Vine trembled in fear when the pruning time of the season arrived and the Gardener’s shears snipped away dying parts of the vine, vines that threatened to overtake the other parts of the main vine so it could not survive, the parts of The Vine, that if allowed to remain, would reduce the vines ability to produce a good harvest in the next growing season.  It was a painful process for The Vine but the care and love given to The Vine by the Gardener made the ordeal bearable and The Vine came to understand it in time even though initially it was hurt, wounded and scared it made the decision to trust the Gardener for the Gardener had always acted with love toward The Vine.

The Gardener had one rule for The Vine that The Vine itself had to adhere to and that was that it was never to allow birds to make a nest in its branches.  The Gardener told the Vine to allow the bird to make its nest in its self would mean death.   However when spring came and the birds would arrive tweeting and singing so cheerfully, so friendly The Vine found itself questioning why the Gardener would forbid it from allowing the bird to make its home within its branches.   All the branches talked amongst themselves and decided that though The Gardener was so attentive, so caring, so knowledgeable but that surely, in this one thing, the Gardener was wrong.  How could it hurt to have such an attractive, cheerful presence within it?  Surely it would not mean death!

Now the bird knew why the Gardener didn’t want her to make her home in the branches of the grape vine but she didn’t tell The Vine how she would cause it to die.  Vainly she didn’t care.  Making her home there would be to her advantage.  She would have easy access to the grapes, she would be well hidden from predators when her nest was built within The Vines protective branches so she seduced The Vine with all of her charm and sweetness.  The Vine relented and all the branches acted together to keep the Gardener from finding out that it had disobeyed him.

Before long though, as the nest held new life in it, The Vine’s secret became visible.  In its actions to keep the birds nest and the birds a secret it had not paid attention to how it was growing or not growing.  The Vine failed to notice the leaves on its branches dying, failed to feel death itself slowly seeping into its many vines to the branch.  But the Gardener noticed.

The Gardener waited a bit, hoping the Vine would notice itself dying and expel the bird but the Vine did not.  So weeping the Gardener came with pruning shears and a small saw in hand and after evicting the birds, removed the nest and began cutting away all The Vines.  It was far more painful than the pruning the Gardener had done before.  Far more evasive and the results were far from pretty.  When the Gardener was finished all that remained of The Vine was the original trunk.  The Vine was sure it was dead.

The Gardener explained as he cut away the diseased vines that the bird carried a disease deadly to grapevines and that was the reason he had told The Vine not to allow birds to take up residence in it.  This one simple task the Gardener had given to The Vine and The Vine could not follow it.  The Gardener went away and left alone now the sad looking remains of The Vine shivered in the night air.  The Vine was lonely.  And The Vine was still sick.  Even cutting away all of its other branches hadn’t cured The Vine of the disease given to it by the bird.  The Vine was still dying and The Vine missed the Gardener very much.

The Vine missed the tender care the Gardener had given it, missed the sound of the Gardener’s voice.  As the days passed The Vine would sometimes hear the sound of the Gardener tending other vines and would see the Gardener look at The Vine tearfully.  But the Gardener didn’t come to comfort The Vine.

Time passed and one morning The Vine was wondering how long before it just completely died, of what use was it now?  Then it heard the Gardener and the Gardener was talking to The Vine.  In stunned surprised and horror The Vine realized that the Gardener had a branch from the Gardener’s personal grapevine in his hand.  What was the Gardener doing?  The Vine could see there was no blemish in the vine held in the Gardener’s hand, no reason it would have been pruned away!  It was not pruning season for healthy grapevines! Why would the Gardener have cut off a perfectly healthy branch from his own personal grapevine?

Then the branch, all that remained of The Vine, felt the slice of a sharp knife in its trunk.  Feeling the pain of it The Vine was awed even in the midst of its pain for it had thought it was dead but pain meant it still had some life in it.  Then the Gardener fitted the branch vine from his personal grapevine into The Vine’s remaining trunk.  The Gardener bandaged the grafted branch to The Vines trunk and simply walked away.

The trunk of The Vine waited again.  Three sunsets and the third sunrise was approaching when the new vine on the old trunk of The Vine began to draw sap from the trunk to which it now belonged.  As the sap circulated The Vine felt new life seeping within it and as the sun broke The Vine knew it would live.  And The Vine knew the sacrifice the Gardener had made so it might live.  And The Vine wept with joy and gratitude that the Gardener had not only not given up on it but had given it new life from the vine so close to the Gardener’s heart it was as if it was the Gardener’s very heart.

Of course this story represents the story of the fall of mankind and God’s gift to us of Himself as Jesus Christ.  That gift was the Master Gardener’s own heart.  But this story has stayed with me for 20 years and I am most happy to share it now with you.  Forgive me if there are parts I’ve forgotten or remembered incorrectly, twenty plus years is a long time!



Let Me Laugh!

It is not unusual for Social Security Disability to send an applicant to doctors they pay to do various evaluations. So I’m prepared for that possibility and I’m not surprised when I receive notice of two appointments, patient forms to fill out with my medical and psychological history or that the appointments are nearly two hours away from our home. The notices inform me that the first appointment is on a Saturday and the second on the following Friday. The appointments are located in offices in a city that is nearly a two hour drive from my home and with which I am unfamiliar. There are form letters I have to return letting Social Security know I plan to keep the appointment. I return them.

Two days after I get the letters my phone rings.

Social Security Benefit Specialist (SSBS): We received your reply that you plan to keep the appointments we’ve scheduled for you. Will you be keeping those appointments?

Me: Yes, I will be there.

SSBS: It’s very important you keep the appointments. Will you?

Me: Yes, I don’t foresee any problem, I’ve made arrangements to be there.

SSBS: Call if you are unable to keep these appointments.

Me: Yes, I will.

We hang up and I think, why bother to have me send the acceptance letters in if you’re going to call? Five days before the appointment my phone rings and I answer.

SSBS: This is a reminder call that we’ve received your written acceptance of the appointments we’ve scheduled for you and your verbal consent as well. Will you be keeping the first appointment?

Me: Yes I will.

SSBS: We also sent you background paperwork for the doctors you need to fill out before keeping the appointments. Will you complete them?

Me: I’ve done it already.

SSBS: Have you filled them out?

Me: Yes I have.

SSBS: It’s very important you cooperate and keep the appointment and take in the completed paperwork. Will you consent to do that?

Me: Yes.

SSBS: Thank you.

This time when we hang up I look at my daughter and say, “You know I’m beginning to worry about these appointments.”

“…a time to weep and a time to laugh…”

Ecclesiastes 3:4a NIV

The day before the appointments we repeat the conversation a third time. I look longingly at a large binder clip on the shelf by my bed thinking it may be the only way I keep myself from telling this SSBS she’s the one a few French fries short of a Happy Meal. I remind myself, she’s just doing her job, following some written script from the “How to Talk to People Who are Dummies”.

The first appointment is with a psychiatrist. Her office is located in a former private residence. I’ve filled out the paperwork that asks all the invasive questions, giving all my personal history prior to my arrival. Of course, I have to fill out basically the same thing all over again once I get there.

The drive took nearly two hours and I am on a diuretic, so yes, I have to use the facilities. Oh my! The bathroom is not handicap accessible whether you’re wheelchair bound or not. (Just putting up handrails doesn’t make it accessible people!) First my wheelchair and I can’t fit in the bathroom at the same time and the door shut. Second, once we get the wheelchair and me somewhat in I can’t reach the handrails to get myself up, so my husband has to stand outside in the hallway, blocking anyone from coming down our way to help me out of the wheelchair and to get to where I can do what must be done. It is then I discover the toilet is one meant for children!

I must say everything was within reach though. I was able to take care of business and wash my hands with my amputation propped in the wheelchair because there wasn’t anywhere else to put it. Again my husband has to come to my aid in order for me to get back into the wheelchair. Thank God for my husband.

Thankfully the psychiatrist is amazingly kind and although I’ve now repeated my life story, personal and medical three times in two days including the filling out of the initial paperwork, she doesn’t make me feel that my tears are unwarranted as we explore it all again. We didn’t discuss the bathroom.

“A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones.”

Proverbs 17:22 NIV

The second appointment is located in the same city a few blocks over from the psychiatrist office on the following Friday. Again, Social Security and the Advocate Group are kind enough to call me two additional times to remind me of the appointment and to ask if I plan to attend. The morning of the appointment, although I’ve called to toll free number to tell them I am coming as well as replied in the affirmative to the Social Security Administration, the doctor’s “nurse” calls to ask me if I’m coming. Turns out they have no way of accessing the messages on the 800 number we’re given to call, and the SSA doesn’t tell them our reply. Who knew?

This is the appointment for the physical. Although I am directed to go to a chiropractor office and don’t know it won’t be the chiropractor who does the exam. There is actually signage set out directing us into the office and I wonder if people notice the unusual high percentage of handicap people slowly making our way toward the nearly hidden office. I feel like a cow being herded into the corral and I fear it isn’t going to be pleasant.

We are greeted by “the nurse” who has never met a stranger, which is Southern for she starts talking and can’t quit, bless her heart. The cordless phone is semi-attached to her hand while the other one waves in the air to emphasize what she is telling us. Again, I turn in the paperwork they’ve sent me and again, fill it out all over again as I did the week before.

When it’s my turn to have my eyesight checked we discover just how non-wheelchair friendly this office is with electrical cords running everywhere, thresholds on doorways difficult to get the wheelchair over and no room to turn around. Once I’ve proven I’m not blind, except without my glasses, and that I am alive because I have both a pulse and a blood pressure reading all for which the nurse has to put the phone down to do; we spend ten minutes tracking said phone down afterwards so we go back out to wait on the doctor.

He appears and my heart sinks. I’m not sure when the last time I saw pants like he was wearing, those summer seersucker pants, pulled up above his navel in a wrinkled wide blue and white pin stripe. No tie but he does have a normal shirt on under his flapping lab coat. He reminds me of Barney Fife off of Andy Griffith crossed with a Mad Scientist. Soaking wet he might weigh a 100 pounds if you left his shoes on. To complete his look he has glasses that give him the appearance of a having bat wings across his eyes. His hair is only slightly more rumpled than his pants. I really could have gotten around his appearance if his batty demeanor didn’t carry on through the exam.

“So I see you had your left leg amputated in June of 2011. So you just have the one leg then?”

He lifts up my dress to see and I wonder if he thinks I have a spare leg hidden somewhere on me. Maybe I have one tucked away in my purse?

Me: “Yes, just the one.”

Doctor: “Okay, well…I can’t do that one…”

He proceeds to flip and fight with the stapled forms pages trying to figure out how to do the physical exam since I am wheelchair bound. It appears I’ve thrown him for a loop. After several minutes of different “tests” he decides he needs to feel around on my right leg. He pushes in with his thumb.

Me: That hurts.

Doctor: Really? (Pushing harder.) This hurts?

Me: (Tears in my eyes now.) Yes, really. It hurts.

Doctor: Are you sure? (Pushes harder with his thumb, nail and all.)

Me: (Crying now.) Yes, yes I’m sure.

The doctor doesn’t know how blessed he is that my husband, who is the one sitting on the actual exam table, didn’t take the good doctor’s legs off. Under my breath I keep reminding him the doctor is just doing his job. I’m also hoping that all the painful part of this physical exam is done with.

I wasn’t that blessed. But mercifully it was brief.

I didn’t ask to use the bathroom.

I didn’t warn those coming in as we were leaving I figured


Photo and poem original to author, all rights reserved.

Faith, simple word, complex meaning.
How do you define what’s required from beginning?
Faith, one word, different levels in its living.
How does one explain what is a foundation for being?

Faith is present-
When you trust a chair to hold your weight,
Gravity to keep your feet on the ground not in outer space,
That there is air to breath
And birds to sing
The earth will spin
At sports some will lose, some will win.

Faith, one word, complex meaning.
How do you define what was there in the beginning?
Is faith a gift God gives to us?
Or a gift we give Him in whom we trust?

Faith a multi-layered determination-
To trust in God no matter what
When one is broken
When there’s no relief
Healing doesn’t come as expected
The hardships shadows fall
When it seems life has taken it all.

Faith, one word, complex meaning.
Required of us at the very beginning.
A solid rock that no matter what Satan brings,
God will see one through absolutely everything.

Faith, a trust, simple and true-
God is in control
You are safe in His hands
Eternity stretches far every way
He knows what we do not
It is a bigger picture He sees
And that is where faith is the key.

Faith, one word, complex meaning.
More than emotion, far more than feeling.
A Follower can’t follow without this the most,
Faith in God the Father, Son and Holy Ghost.
           -d.f.a.v. 10/01/13

Hold the Faith!!