To much disagreement I’m sure
Still I unashamedly must say
The way to Heaven is narrow and straight
Jesus Christ Himself, the only gate,
There are gates of pearl
And streets of purest gold
No sadness, no sorrow, no hurting nor pain
Still not a lot is known about the Heavenly lanes,
Jesus will be the Light everywhere
He will be our judge it is true
Part us to left or to right
With Him, against Him, did You choose His might?
No handicaps, injuries, broken hearts
No grief or fear in our Heavenly home
If your name is in the Lamb’s Book of Life
Then you’ll enter into Heaven’s delight,
Right through the entrance
No worries and no fears
No need to wonder will you fit in here
For Heaven has no backdoors up there.
No handicap accessibility to think upon
No worries about wheelchairs or walkers or canes
No anxiety over the length of the walk you will take
No need for anything artificial or fake
If your feet on earth won’t move
If your body is pretty much torn into
None of it will matter anymore
Heaven my friend HAS NO BACK DOOR!
No alternate entrance or handicap ramps
No access because of physical abilities denied
Right through the gate you may even run
Your toes touching Heaven’s land,
No backdoors no side lines no doorway views
For when in Heaven we arrive it is true
The lame will walk, the deaf will hear
The blind will see, the mute set free
For healing we will no longer need to pray
No backdoors in Heaven Jesus is the way.
d.f.a.v. 10/30/13

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