Artwork and poem original to author all rights reserved.


What mask wear we

So none can see

The us that lives inside,

The one with tears

From painful years

Events we want to hide?

What baggage we keep

Infections we steep

With healing close at hand?

Such a pity it is

We leave it at this

Hearts wrapped in iron bands.

Do we believe it is true?

That Jesus forgives us too

Why do secrets we hold tight?

Of the yesterday’s past

The guilt we let last

When God has made it right?

The mask is but pride

We must cast it aside

For it keeps us too quiet,

So we don’t speak out

No mountain top shout

Do we not really believe it?

The mask you must bar

Come as you really are

To the well filled with grace,

Be washed anew

It’s all you must do

Let Jesus shine in your face.

Throw down the mask

Take up your task

Be a witness so true,

This world will end

Until then my friend

Live in what Jesus has for you.

    d.f.a.v. 10/25/2013

Shine on!



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