5:48 a.m. Prayer from the Cottage by the Sea


Good morning Lord!
Thank you for this–
     The sun creeping over the horizon,
     The roar of the waves pounding,
     The very air I breathe–
          God I thank You!
Thank You for this–
     My family who love me,
     My family I love,
     The life You’ve given to us all–
          God!  I thank You!
Thank You for this–
     Sweet times of prayer,
     Private worship and praise,
     Awareness of who You are, Jehovah God Almighty–
          God, I thank You!!
Thank You Abba Father for this–
     The seagulls that call,
     The chair that holds me,
     Your presence in this place–
          God of All, thank You!
Thank You for this–
     For meeting with me here,
     Reminding me of what’s important,
     Your precious showers of blessings–
          God Provider, I thank You!
The I Am I thank You–
     This time of reflection,
     These moments of clarity,
     A country where still I can do this–
          God, O God I thank You!!!
Walk with me today–
     Help me see the blessings,
     Let me hear Your voice,
     May every atom of my being–
          God remember to thank You!
God I thank You and ask–
     Provision for today’s needs,
     You to be my Defender,
     Your army to be my rear guard–
          God, O God Divine!
          I thank You!
          I praise You!
          Let me honor You!
Father God, I thank You!


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