4:35 a.m. Prayer from the Cottage by the Sea


Abba Father:
You are Holy!  You are righteous!  You are worthy of all adoration and all praise!  I need You Abba Father like every creation You ever made.  To You I owe my being, my presence, my very life’s breath. 

Unusual heaviness on my heart this morning, an uneasiness, a strange restlessness…my heart seems to be beating out-of-sync…we know what is wrong, I turn to You for You alone can right this wrong! Come quickly Lord!

The world is teeming with Satan’s prowling and we are keenly aware of it this morning. My eyes seek You in the East this morning, my ears strain for the trumpet sound…is this why these emotions battle within me?  Do come quickly Lord!

Why are there bullies Lord?  Why are people, young to old, sometimes like human sharks circling prey, they’ve seemingly forgotten is human, at the slightest scent of blood?  The physically, emotionally or spiritually weakest so vulnerable to attack.  Come quickly Lord!

Encamp angels around those facing the bullies this morning.  Be their strength, be their wisdom and hear their cries.  Come quickly Lord!

The days are gone Abba when a reminder to the bullies that we are all human, we all make mistakes and to stop their behaviour works.  Billions of dollars spent creating anti-bullying campaigns cannot stop it.  All the zero-tolerance policies in all the schools can’t stop it. You can, but will we invite You to intervene widescale?  Come quickly Lord!

From our highest rulers to our youngest citizens we are a nation seemingly, to me, gone crazy.  Robin Hood is a fictional character and his philosophies cannot work in the real flesh and bone world. Jesus’ is real and His Way is The Way, The Truth and The Light and will work if we choose Him! Come quickly Lord!

This morning Lord the war is personal.  This morning the attacks are against our own, we are the prey, we are bleeding…Come quickly Lord!

Let no more young people die because of foolishness!  Life is fragile Lord, do the bullies not understand this?  Do bullies not know there is always someone bigger and scarier around the corner and the bully today is the bullied tomorrow?  Come quickly Lord!  Come quickly!

Here, from this spot, I offer up my prayer, my plea.  My eyes still looking to the East, come quickly Lord!

‘Til Jesus Comes, Keep Praying!

2 thoughts on “4:35 a.m. Prayer from the Cottage by the Sea

  1. Hi Donna, I’m so amazed at your writing skills. You brought me right into the midst of the prayer. So very well expressed. Your sentiments are the cry of my heart as well. God will honor your amazing faith. June


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