Pinterest and Christianity

The internet has existed longer than I can tell you. “Surfing the web” has become a world-wide past-time. Different search engines have come and gone with a few seeming to rise to the top such as Google© and Bing© but it wasn’t until Pinterest© came into my life that a way to organize what I’d searched for and not have to save web sites or bookmark pages existed that I could use easily. Now, let there be no doubt, my family moans over my “addiction” to Pinterest©. My oldest niece who introduced me to Pinterest© commented recently that, “Yes, I introduced my aunt to Pinterest© and yes, now she is addicted!” following a particular sleepless night when I spent considerable time looking at information on Pinterest© and sent her a dozen pins. Time, I’m sure, some would quickly point out I could spend more productively in prayer and Bible study. I willingly admit that argument could ring true. Who among us can claim they pray enough? Or study God’s Word enough? None and I count myself among those confessors.

There seems to be little we can just “enjoy” in life anymore in the way of entertainment and feel any measure of safety. There are few television shows that I can watch without either cringing from the shows use of language, situations, humor or the commercials. Little I am able to physically, financially, spiritually or emotionally do just to enjoy myself. Since my forced retirement on disability I’ve found “time” to spend in pursuits that I don’t have. Because part of the reason for my disability is pain and depression that is ongoing, and I don’t want to use medication beyond what makes the pain manageable, I often find myself awake in the “wee small hours of the morning”.

Prayer is a huge part of these long hours. There was even a time in my life that if I couldn’t get to sleep that I could start to pray and be out before I got to the “Amen” but not any longer. These sleepless days and nights hours seem incredibly long. Between the pain, discomfort, anxiety and depression to cope, and to allow my husband to sleep without any additional interruption I use Pinterest© as a pain management tool.

Now, how does that relate to my Christianity? Yes, I have a “boards” for Christian Parenting, Quotes about Faith, Quotes that are Scripture and my board for this blog labeled “Faith View by Faye (”. Since putting my blog on a Pinterest© board has more than doubled its subscriptions. This blog is my “witness” to the cyber world of God’s grace, mercy and the gift of salvation through His Son. Those are valid points of evidence.

Just as I try very hard to be aware of what message my Facebook© page gives and how this blog relates I am giving the same consideration to what information I pin. I may find a quote humorous but rude, or containing inappropriate language so I don’t pin it. The only secret board I have is for those articles or items I find that I question there authenticity and I want to check them out before I make the pin public. But the real relation between Pinterest© and my relationship with Jesus is in how I use it.

Here’s the bottom line folks, Pinterest© is a tool. Just as the computer, the internet, Word©, WordPress©, a hammer and a good old fashioned bookmark are tools. My faith walk is spoken most loudly by how I use these tools. While I am sure that my faith’s weaknesses shine through clearly, I also hope my faith’s existence in God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit and my striving to live that faith also shine.

Happy Pinning!


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