Photo and poem original to author, all rights reserved.

Faith, simple word, complex meaning.
How do you define what’s required from beginning?
Faith, one word, different levels in its living.
How does one explain what is a foundation for being?

Faith is present-
When you trust a chair to hold your weight,
Gravity to keep your feet on the ground not in outer space,
That there is air to breath
And birds to sing
The earth will spin
At sports some will lose, some will win.

Faith, one word, complex meaning.
How do you define what was there in the beginning?
Is faith a gift God gives to us?
Or a gift we give Him in whom we trust?

Faith a multi-layered determination-
To trust in God no matter what
When one is broken
When there’s no relief
Healing doesn’t come as expected
The hardships shadows fall
When it seems life has taken it all.

Faith, one word, complex meaning.
Required of us at the very beginning.
A solid rock that no matter what Satan brings,
God will see one through absolutely everything.

Faith, a trust, simple and true-
God is in control
You are safe in His hands
Eternity stretches far every way
He knows what we do not
It is a bigger picture He sees
And that is where faith is the key.

Faith, one word, complex meaning.
More than emotion, far more than feeling.
A Follower can’t follow without this the most,
Faith in God the Father, Son and Holy Ghost.
           -d.f.a.v. 10/01/13

Hold the Faith!!

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