One spark burns a forest.
One note composes a song.
One word begins a story.
One inch can seem so long.

One pebble begins an avalanche.
One flame will light the way.
One seed produces acres.
One sunrise starts the day.

One friend can wipe out loneliness.
One hand can help a Brother out.
One mouth can praise or curse.
One assurance wipe out doubt.

One stroke paints a masterpiece.
One moment changes course.
One child joyifies the barren.
One stream the oceans source.

One voice can call for others.
One insight ignorance arrest.
One prayer can move mountains.
One weary can find rest.

One Father, Son and Holy Ghost.
One sacrifice covers sin.
One man’s death upon a cross.
One resurrection and Satan doesn’t win.

One can be so powerful.
One can be the change.
One can make it right.
One hatred for love exchange.

One you one me one him one her.
One man one woman one child.
One whisper one breath one exhale.
One shifted boulder move a pile.

One question then remains.
One query must be asked.
One pen poses one thing.
One are you for the task?
                     d.f.a.v.  9/26/13

One Voice,

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