2:57 a.m. Prayer from the Cottage by the Sea

Artwork and poem are original to the author, all rights reserved.

Abba Father:
You are always awake Abba!
Always ready for our prayers!
I’ve awaken with a need to seek
Your counsel, comfort and Your care.
My friend Liz has lost her husband
Their daughter’s grief too needs release,
Both of them are hurting Lord
Be comfort, strength and peace.
Wherever Mitch is right now,
In a maze he doesn’t understand,
Send someone to reveal You to him
Rescue, reach and free him with Your nail scarred hand!
Alex Lord will You be with him?
Thank You for his life with us!
His family Abba needs Your peace
Your hope, Your might and touch.
Our child Lord God I bring to You
This miracle in our lives
Her world is changing quickly be her
Protector, Friend and Guide.
My husband Lord I pray for him
He’s wrestling with life’s ways
Be with him in battle Lord
His shield, might, and confidence on this day.
For those who are seeking You,
The souls I do not know to name,
Meet them where they are right now!
Send Light, send help, end Satan’s game!
Thank You Abba Father
For meeting here with me
Thank You for the peace I find
With You, in You, by You in our cottage by the sea.
                      d.f.a.v. 9/24/13


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