God is Here, Here, Here!

poem and photo original to author, all rights reserved. Not to be used without permission. )


Even in this time of trail
This place of darkness
When it seems impossible
That one more second of this
Will surely make you explode
God is here, here, here!

The sun will rise even if beyond the clouds,
The birds will chirp even if from covered perch,
The rain will fall even if on another’s farm,
The storms will come to us all,
But have no fear nor doubt–
God is here,  here,  here!

Praise Him now when you need healing,
Praise Him now while loved ones groan,
Praise Him now in your darkest hour,
Praise Him in your battering storm,
Praise Him though your voice is weak,
Praise Him despite it all for
God is here, here, here!

Lift up your eyes O’ Wounded Child
Lift up your brokenness O’ Heartache
Lift up your face O’ Weary One
Lift up, lift up, lift up & praise for
God is here, here, here!

As sure as the sun will rise if beyond the clouds,
Sure as the birds will chirp though from covered perch,
Sure as the ocean tides roll out and in,
Sure as life past grave goes on,
Lift your eyes towards the East
To that place beyond this world
Lift your voice in honest praise
For God is here, here, here!
d.f.a.v. 9/16/13

God is here!

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