The anniversary of the last time terrorists struck on our soil, when they came into our house and blew it down.  And the anniversary of the last time Americans of every race, creed and color stood under one flag, O Glory, and proudly proclaimed “I am an American”!
Let our hearts remember, let the flags fly free, let us never forget how valuable, precious and fragile our freedom guarantees can be.  A few evil minds, a few amazing risks of detection and they knocked America to the ground for a split second with a sucker punch.  America responded.

Let’s respond in love today.  Love of our country.  Love of those who died on this day and in their memory, one again unite.  Let their deaths not to have been in vain.

Let us again unite to save our country, to stay undivided, do something today that says, “I Am an American” we will not be divided!

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