Truth is relative someone said

Repeating it often and enough

That others bought the lies

To make the sale wasn’t that tough.




Humanity bought Pandora’s Box

Temptations no longer contained

Bought it anyway lock, stock and barrel

Lies had no reigns to be restrained.


The lies became sin undeniably

When that someone appeared on the scene

Stitched beautiful fabric round it all

Continuing the play and make-believe.



When the seams were stretched

The tailor reappeared and stitched

Adding more fabric, perfuming the stench

Truth completely stuffed and ditched.


But the stains of sin, the ooze of lies

Could no longer be disguised

A filthy smoldering rancid mass

The seed of truth lost inside.


As seeds do when sunlight warmed

When repetitive tears watered the ground

Seed sprouted and began to grow

The truth set free when finally found.


Truth is truth there is no compromise

Don’t buy the deceit, don’t buy the lies

Pretty stitches and fabric can’t contain

The stench of sin has no alibi.


Truth isn’t relative to the cause

It doesn’t change it doesn’t bend

It stands up even to unfurl a wrong

Truth is the truth my friend.


Speak it well and speak it true

Speak it in love and gentle too

It’s not a weapon to be released

Truth is what we live and do.

                d.f.a.v. 9/9/13

Speak truth!


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