The Way


The way is covered Lord
In veils of clammy gray
Thick and soupy here to stay?
Earth bound clouds that have settled in
Trying so hard to block the view
The view I have of You.
No light can pierce
Through layers so thick
Feet slip on wet stones and sticks.
But beyond this road
Now enveloped in gray all round
Your Light, Your Way, can be found.
If only I will press on ahead
Follow my heart for I know it true
Very soon I will see only You,
The lights of home clearly shine
Through the darkest of fogs and nights
For You Yourself will make it right.
Beyond this fog that has me bound
You, my Father wait at open door
Once Home I’ll wander no more.
Let the fog surround every side
The road be lost in dripping mist
Heaven still I will not miss!
           d.f.a.v.  9/4/13

Photo & poem original to author, all rights reserved.

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