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Neither Square or Round


A bubble pops into my head
Thought brought out of dream
As a peg, what if I am neither square nor round?

Perhaps I am more oval shaped
Or even something of a cone?
As a peg, what if I am neither square nor round?

Of the holes the world has carved
Is there even a hole for me?
As a peg do I have to be either square or round?

Could it be such a strange concept
That the peg holes are not me?
As a peg do I have to be either square or round?

Another theory floats into my head
Why pegs or holes at all?
As a peg or as a hole must I be square or round?

Forsake the pegs!  Forget the holes!
Be who and what I am!
As a shape or hole or anything just not square or round!
                -d.f.a.v. 8/15/13


Happy Birthday

“Which of you, if his son asks for bread, will give him a stone?  Or if he asks for a fish, will give him a snake?  If you, then, though you are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father in heaven give good gifts to those who ask him!  So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you, for this sums up the Law and the Prophets.”  Matthew 7:9-12 NIV
Every year we take up the task of planning how to celebrate our daughter’s birthday.  For the first five years of her life tradition held for a trip to Chuck E Cheese, whether it was a full pizza/game party or just a family outing. Then the pizza parlor/arcade closest to our home went out-of-business and so ended the tradition.

It was around the second grade that our daughter began hating her birthday.  The acting out behaviors would begin late July, early August and last sometimes until October.  She becomes easily agitated, her temper is quick to flare up, her responses to requests to do her chores or homework surly and disrespectful, she is in constant need of reassurance of our safety and our love and all because she hates her birthday?  The birthday is the object of her anger but what she hates is the symbolism of her growing up.  Our daughter would like to stay five forever!

This year we are midway to her birthday and the tween hormones are also adding flavor to the cake.  Not only is she making the last steps of childhood as she starts high school, changes classes on her own, has a locker with a tricky combination lock but her two best friends have moved out of her life.  One went back to live with her parents and the other decided to just move on to other kids.

Parenting isn’t for the weak of spirit, that’s for sure!   Our daughter asks for many things during this crisis time of her life.  Some are reasonable, some are indulgences, some are impossible, and some possible and within our means but bad for her in the long term. 

Last night when my husband and I took our family prayer time to surround her with ourselves, our love and prayers I thought about the words Jesus said recorded in Matthew 7:9-12.  Our daughter has to be secure in her life regardless of her age changes.  She needs to know that while a birthday is a blessing to celebrate, it is not a time to throw God’s prescription for life out of the window.  Her dad and I are believers saved by grace, not perfect by any means, and we are capable of making parenting mistakes.  But God is incapable of making a mistake.

God, Our Father, will not give her what can hurt her.  He may gift her with challenges to teach her to rely on Him, but no vindictive suffering or self-indulgent excesses. We are all refined in the fires of life.

Our daughter, and we, will be just fine as we get through this birthday.  She may never enjoy getting older, but we pray and work towards her acceptance of this annual event because as her parents we want to give her good things.

There are those children though whose parents would give them a stone instead of bread or a snake instead of fish. Or black eyes and broken ribs instead of birthday cakes and happy wishes.  There are also those who in the name of love will spend incredible amounts of money and time using a birthday as an excuse to be overly indulgent and another way of teaching their child to be self-centered. For some kids birthdays are no celebration because they are not cherished, not loved, whether over-indulged or abused they suffer harm.  Our daughter is fortunate that this isn’t the case with her.

Never saying no, not setting limits, and not having clear boundaries is a recipe for a parenting disaster.  While always saying no, having barricades instead of boundaries and letting the only limit be the sky is equally a recipe for a parenting disaster.  Loving your child as God loves them, however, is a recipe that has the most hope of being one for God’s type of success. 

Sometimes the world clouds our vision of which parent type is the one providing fish and bread and which are providing stones and snakes.  Jesus can clear up your vision if you are willing to allow Him too. This too is certain!

Parenting a tween.

I Thank You

For the blessings in my life that You’ve bestowed-
For life,
For family,
For church,
For friendships,
For Your presence here today,
For Your always hearing when I pray,
I thank You!
For Your blessings and provisions to numerous to count-
For medicine,
For laughter,
For breath,
For Your life itself,
For Your grace and compassion and love,
For Your joy and comfort sent from above,
I thank You!
For far, far so much more gratitude is due-
For rain,
For sorrows,
For troubles,
For hurt,
For struggles that have deepened me,
For the person in me others miss that You see,
I thank You!
For if You lend Your ears to my prayer You will hear my thanks-
For Calvary,
For an empty tomb,
For Heaven,
For eternity,
For the wonders and glory of all You are,
For the beauty of sun, moon and stars,
I thank You!
For thanks are due in every situation of life-
For prosperity,
For need,
For love,
For grief,
For all of life’s goodness and grace,
For all of the troubles and trying of faith,
I thank You!
Looking all around me the blessings they mount-
For Your Word,
For paper and ink,
For comforts,
For all I have,
For each spiritual crises and victory,
For Your abiding in one as unworthy as me,
I thank You!
d.f.a.v. 8-13-13

Giving thanks!

Pay the Band, Call the Tune

It seems to me America is losing her way a little more every day. Every news cast has some coverage that makes me wonder why God tarries and doesn’t come back right now. Yes, it seems we’ve lost our way, even the light that showed us the way, as if we’re walking the line between right and wrong and we’re not just dipping one of our toes in on the side of wrong we’re up to our necks in it and think no one notices! In the last couple decades when it came to most political offices, national, state or regional I’ve found myself choosing the least of two evils. Sometimes it has seemed as if my vote was wasted. Despite grass root efforts to purge the government system of people in elected offices going their own way on issues and against the very people they swore to represent the results are certainly not catching on like wildfire.

Healthcare reform alone is a powder keg in the United States. As is gun control, education, illegal aliens, and of course, the economy. This is not about who has what office and certainly not about the color of their skin, gender or sexual orientation. This is about reality and finding truth and knowing who the “good guys” are in a time when America needs more than a few heroes.

While powers that be quote figures and paint pretty pictures the rest of us live in hard reality. Let me tell you about a family of four in Knoxville, Tennessee who will wake up this morning and move to a shelter. They are being evicted because the mother’s salary, even though she is working 50 hours or more a week, just can’t cover the day to day living expenses for her husband, herself and their two children. Their oldest will start school this year. Their youngest is not yet two years old. This family is evicted. The majority of their household and personal items are already up to be sold at auction for not being able to pay the bill on their storage unit and their other vehicle impounded by the military for being parked on base.

The husband and father was honorably discharged from the United States Army having served through two deployments to Iraq, with a “General Discharge under Honorable Conditions”. The family planned to move to Knoxville, both get jobs, put the children in daycare and begin their civilian lives. But the money they had planned to survive on is being withheld by the Army and since the mom found work first the dad is staying at home with the kids because they can’t afford daycare. This is not how they planned for this transition in their lives, but this is their reality. A train wreck about to happen and no way to stop it. By the time the government straightens out the money issue they will be back on square one, starting all over again.

These are God’s children, not that they are without sin or bad decisions and tough consequences but mainly they are caught in the messy, sticky “recovering” economy. Resources for public housing have waiting lists of 1-2 years, shelters are full, and churches and social services agencies have little to offer pointing to a lack of funding. Chances are this couple will become involved with child protective services and may lose custody of their two children temporarily.

Lack of funding. Cuts in services. Reimbursement rates slashed. Who qualifies for services narrowed to make it harder to receive what few services are available. These cuts have been nearly deadly to a local social services agency that has spent decades helping families and protecting children. Eight years ago they believed they were set to move into new areas of service and expansion on the ones already offered. Instead they have suffered tremendously financially and so they have downsized and reorganized and repeated the process over and over and over again. It really is a make it or break it year for them.

We all know situations like these and others. People who lost jobs and can’t find new ones or find ones that pay just enough or not quite enough. No, no I don’t see this pretty picture of recovery.

The children of the couple in Tennessee are innocent. The children this social services agency helps here locally are victims of webs of generational issues and bad decisions from family and now from government too. Where is the good winning for these children?

Somewhere along the way America began thinking that the government should be responsible for just about everything. Education. Health care. Housing. Food. Transportation. Utilities. Medication. We just kept inviting the government into our living rooms and now realize that maybe it wasn’t such a good idea. As my dad once said, “He who pays the band calls the tune”.

And who suffers now? Who will pay? Our children and grandchildren and probably our great-great grandchildren.

God has said it will seem as if the evilness in humanity is winning, prospering even, but He also said that this is only for a time. I invite you to read Psalm 73:1-28 to read the whole Scripture passage.

It’s hard to accept, because we want it NOW but how we win is that by being the Children of God we win in a realm beyond this one of suffering and sorrow. For there is coming a day when we will pass from this feeble imitation of life into a life that is truly living because it will be in the presence of God Himself. And His light will shine and there will be no more evil, no more darkness, and no more good guys speaking out of both sides of their faces. For God is REAL and He is GOOD and He is RIGHT and He does love you. He proved that over 2000 years ago on a cross at Calvary and then a borrowed tomb. (Read Matthew 26:1 – 28:20; Mark 14:1 – 16:20; Luke 22:1 – 24:53 and John 18:1 – 21:25.)

Perhaps that seems like a long time to wait…we’ve been waiting for centuries for Jesus to return and some have made that passage already through death. But, good will triumph. Evil will cease. Peace will be had.

Meanwhile, if God has blessed you with material possessions and resources please consider increasing your contribution or giving to agencies desperately in need so they can help others. It is difficult to hold onto hope when your children suffer and you are strangled by circumstances beyond your control.

Let’s remember, that there but by the grace of God go I!



Always God, Always Hope


“If you falter in times of trouble,

how small is your strength!”

Proverbs 24:10 (NIV)



Poem is original to author. All rights reserved.


There is always God

There is always Hope

Dark may be the night

Shadowed may be the day

There is always God

There is always Hope.

Bad things will happen

Disappoints they will fall

There is always God

There is always Hope

Death will come unbidden

Pain will surge be no doubt

There is always God

There is always Hope.

Your strength will fail

Your courage deflate

There is always God

There is always Hope

Evil may seem to prosper

Good may seem thrown away

There is always God

There is always Hope

Prayer may seem so little

Faith may seem so weak

There is always God

There is always Hope

Troubles can deceive you

Woes rebuke your faith

There is always God

There is always Hope

Answers may be different

Relief may be delayed

There is always God

There is always Hope

Though some call you foolish

Though some say much worse

There is always God

There is always Hope

He is strong in your weakness

He is calm in your fear

There is always God

There is always Hope

Don’t be deceived

Don’t be knocked out

There is always God

There is always Hope

Hear this each of you

Quiet you’re sinking hearts

There is always God

There is always Hope

Though the waters rise

Though sorrows overwhelm

There is always God!

There is always Hope!

There is always God

There is always Hope

There is always God

There is always Hope!

    -dfav 8/9/13




“So do not throw away your confidence;

it will be richly rewarded.

You need to persevere so that when

you have done the will of God,

you will receive what he has promised.

For in just a little while,

    ‘He who is coming will come and

    will not delay.

    But my righteous one will live

    by faith.

    And if he shrinks back,

    I will not be pleased with him.’

But we are not of those who shrink back

and are destroyed,

But of those who believe

and are saved.”

    Hebrews 10:35-39 (NIV)

Always God, always Hope!


The Station, Part 2

“So you’re beginning to understand this station Miss Ace! Care to explain?” Albert asked.

“You already know Mr. Albert but this is like a central station, people come here with and without tickets already. So some are just making their decisions and some are here, like me, to redeem their tickets.” Ace replied, looking at Mr. Albert seriously.

“Very good Ace. Very good indeed. Does this mean you have no more questions for me?”

Ace smiled, “Now you’re being awfully silly! You know I ALWAYS have questions. Like, what about those people who keep darting in and out? What are they doing?”

“Those are the ones who know they need to get a ticket but keep waiting until the last possible minute. Some are sure they can never live up to the standards they imagine are necessary to make this trip. Some want to be sure they wring every possible moment of worldly fun out of life before making the decision. All of them just keep putting it off for one reason or another.” Albert tried to hide a sigh from his young charge.

“The ones who keep glancing in but never really turning their heads as they walk by, who are they?” Was Ace’s next inquiry.

“Those are the ones who can’t help but be curious but whose minds just won’t allow them to accept things as they are, they want things complex and puzzling so they can boast they have figured out the secret to life. They keep glancing in because a part of them knows the truth but the larger part just can’t accept it yet.” Albert answered. “We’re happy when most of them eventually make the decision to come on in.”

“Those men and women on the steps who keep calling out to the people, why are part of them saying, “Come on! Hurry up time is short!” and the others saying, “Don’t worry, it’s still a long way from pulling in!” Ace asked next.

“Those would be the truth tellers and the deceivers. Can you tell me which group is which?” It was Albert asking the questions now.

“Oh yes! The truth tellers are the ones telling people to hurry for there’s not a lot of time left to decide. The deceivers keep assuring everyone they have plenty of time so people feel safe in putting off their decisions.” Ace replied seriously.

“You are very smart for an 8-year-old Ace.”

“Thank you.” Ace paused, looking around and then staring at another group of people before asking her new friend another question, “Mr. Albert what is wrong with that group of people? The ones standing there holding their boarding passes but instead of moving into a line they keep looking and shaking their heads?”

“Those my dear one, are people who made the decision to take this trip, got their tickets and now can’t believe it’s good.”

Ace giggled, “Why that’s silly! Didn’t they want the ticket to begin with?”

“We will help everyone, we’ll have it sorted out shortly.” Albert pointed out a line of people in uniform like him and smiled as he said to Ace, “Speaking of help, it looks like some of my team members have their hands full with a load of babies this morning.” Albert pointed to a group of men and women of all ages, shapes, sizes and colors who were strolling right into the station and onto the train platform, each with one if not two babies safe in their arms. “Those are the youngest and the most innocent they never have to decide they are too young.”

“Mr. Albert, where did they get all those babies?”

For a brief moment Mr. Albert’s smile faded as he replied, “Ace you know that sometimes, no matter how much a child is wanted and loved it is called home. Some of those babies are babies just like that.”

“The others?” Ace looked up a quiet knowing in her eyes.

“Those are the ones who weren’t wanted.”

“No Mr. Albert, they were wanted, just not by the mommies who had them in their tummies. Plus, God wants them. God wants us all!”

Ace looked around her, absorbing the scene. She’d never seen such a diverse group of people before. Old people, babies, young children and every age in between. There were skin tones she’d never seen in real life and a mix of males and females. Some people looked poor and others looked rich. Some looked relieved and some looked frightened.

“Come along now Ace, your train is approaching, you’re too go with the group with all the babies. Maybe you can hold one!” Albert remarked, pulling Ace to her feet and moving with her pass the platform gate to the group of men and women holding the many babies.

“Oh!” Ace stopped and stared as a group of people looking very sad on the other side of the platform caught her eye. “Oh Albert are those…” her question trailing off.

“Yes Ace. They are.”

Ace knew those were the ones who made the wrong decision and now their journey would take them to a most different destination. But she knew it was not her place to judge the final destination of anyone even though it certainly looked like it was a group who were now headed far from the presence of the Almighty.

“Albert, will I see you again?” Ace asked suddenly as the train pulled into the station and was slowing down to stop so the passengers could board.

“Most definitely! Now, you go on, lots of people are waiting for you as well as Our Father!” Albert joyfully replied. Putting her hand in the hand of the conductor who would help her aboard the Express.

The train pulled away and Albert waved and smiled as he watched through the windows of the car where Ace had settled. Indeed she had offered to help with one of the babies. Albert knew they would be to the next gate in no time at all.

“In no time at all Daddy?” Ace asked her daddy. She lay in a hospital bed with IV’s, monitors and oxygen attached to her, machines trying to make her comfortable, like the medicine they’d given her that made the pain seem far away.

Through his tears Ace’s dad spoke, his voice choked with tears. “In no time at all Baby.”

Ace’s mommy stood behind her husband and tears streamed down her cheeks unrestrained. “I’m glad you told us…about…where you’re going Candace…”

“You can come too Mommy.”

“I know and I will. Are you hurting sweetheart?”

But Ace didn’t answer, it seemed her parents were fading away and with them a light was filling the room. There were shadows in the light before they came into focus and Ace could see she was looking in the door of the station.

She was going home in no time at all.

The End

Losing a child at any age is heart wrenching to parents. Ace is a fictional character, as are all the people in this story. But the reality of not putting off the decision about your eternal home is very real.



The Station, Part 1

A young girl of 8-years-of-age stood patiently in the line at the train terminal. She had the reddest hair of any red head ever, milky white skin, large green eyes and a face full of freckles. Her body was tiny beneath her favorite jeans and bubblegum pink sweatshirt bearing the slogan, “I’m the daughter of a king!” Her feet were clad in pink cowboy boots that had received more than the usual wear. Her name was Candace Victoria Lyle, though she much preferred the name Ace which is the nickname her father used for her. It was her vivid red hair that drew the attention of the gentleman in charge at the head of the line and his twinkling blue eyes smiled as she tried to wait patiently. For an 8-year-old she did well.

“Good morning Miss, do you have your boarding pass?” The white haired gentleman asked Ace as she reached the head of his line.

“Yes Sir, right here!” She replied, proudly pulling it out of her back pocket of her jeans. “I’ve been carrying it for ages!”

A glance told the gentleman she was right, she had been carrying it since she was 5-years, 4-months and 22-days old, which for an 8-year-old like Ace, was ages! “Why so you have!”

“I like you!” Ace announced. “I like this station too! But there is sure a lot of people coming and going and some staying to catch a train while others hurry on. And why does that group of people have so many suitcases? And those people over there sure look confused, do you know why? What about…” Her questions were cut off gently by the man.

“I tell you what Miss Ace it’s time I took a break so what do you say if we sit down over here and I’ll answer as many of your questions as I can? Your train is still a little bit out so we have time.” The gentleman offered.

His suggestion was met with enthusiasm and Ace took his hand and answered, “Okay by me!”

So the pair, looking like grandfather and granddaughter took a seat on a long wooden bench right behind the rail separating the train platforms from the ticket area. The man’s name was Albert and besides his twinkling blue eyes peering out of his remarkably unlined face his hair was a white as the snow-capped Alps and his body as fit as Ace’s father who worked out and jogged an hour every day so he was lean as well as tall. He’d been on duty at this station for longer than most could imagine.

“Now let’s see if we can relieve you of some of those burning questions Miss Ace! What would you like to ask first? My name perhaps?” Albert asked, his smile teasing his young charge.

Ace’s green eyes grew large as she replied, “How’d you know that’s what I was going to ask first?”

Albert continued to smile as he answered, “I just knew! And my name is Albert.”

“Well that’s a very fine name and it starts with an A like mine does! Why are there so many people coming and going out of the big doors but so few in your line?” Ace asked, looking over to where a young woman stood now, covering for Albert’s break.

“Oh people come and go sometimes more times than they can count before making a decision.”

“Doesn’t anybody tell them how important it is to decide? My Daddy said it was the most important decision I’d ever make and he and Mommy didn’t think I could decide when I was five but I could and I did.” Then she lowered her voice to a whisper, “I’m not sure they know where I am though. I made the decision while they were asleep and they didn’t believe me when I told them the next morning. Mommy said we’d talk about it when I got older.”

Albert took her hand again in his and smile reassuring as he spoke, “I’m sure that they know Ace. You don’t have to worry.”

“Oh, I’m not worried! I want to be because I don’t want to worry them but it’s hard to worry once you get here.” The red-haired miss explained, her entire body seeming to bounce with energy. “Now, please tell me why those people can’t decide to come in or not?”

“Not everyone makes the decision easily Ace. No, no some people analyze it and agonize over it. Others believe its necessary one minute and a fabrication the next. Some are scared of what other people will think. Others are so busy living inside their heads they just refuse to even consider coming in. Humanity is a complicated bunch of people you know.” Albert explained, watching Ace’s face as he spoke.

“Hmmm…so what’s up with that bunch over there with all the luggage?”

Albert laughed, “That’s the group who just can’t believe they don’t need to take something with them! See the woman with the fur coat on and the bright red suitcases?”

“The one who is sweaty in that fur?”

Again Albert laughed, “Yes, that one. Would you like to know what’s in her suitcases?”

“You know?” Ace looked impressed with her new friend’s knowledge.

“Dolls. You know those collector dolls like your Aunt Ginger has you can’t play with when you go over?”

“Those ones she says are antique or going to be worth lots of money someday?” The fact Albert knew about Aunt Ginger and her dolls didn’t seem to faze Ace, it seemed perfectly normal.

“The very ones. She can’t bear the thought of parting from them. They were very much like her children but they aren’t allowed on the train and she’s having a hard time leaving without them.” Albert explained.

Ace looked thoughtful, “That’s very sad. I wonder why she thought of a bunch of dolls as her children, didn’t she have real live children?”

“She did but they weren’t very attentive so she replaced them, in a way, with the dolls.”

“Poor woman! Will someone explain things to her?” But even as she spoke a dark skinned young man approached the woman and gestured her into his office, offering to pull the suitcases himself.

“That’s Omar and he’s going to talk to her right now. Omar has a way with people I bet she understands soon.”

Ace nodded in agreement then looked around some more. “I think I’m beginning to get this place Mr. Albert! I think I’m beginning to understand how it works!”

Join me tomorrow for the conclusion of The Station with Part 2.


Stormy Weather


It is storming here in the part of Alabama that I live.  Rain is coming down in sheets, lightening strikes all around and thunder booms.  Perfect day for indoor projects.  Only my plans were to drive an hour into the” city” to have lunch with my old boss.

I made the drive hundreds of times when I was able to work, in worse weather than this, because I was obligated.  It wasn’t a choice not to go if I wanted to prove my handicap didn’t stop me from working.  Today I have the option to say, “Let’s do this another day”!

I am choosing to not get soaked getting in and out of my car.  I am choosing not to have my wheelchair get soaked.  I am choosing not to have my niece who would help me get soaked.  I am also choosing to continue my hermit like conditions a little longer. 

Strange in that these are not the same choices I would have made a year ago.  When who I was and my value as a person was so wrapped up in what I did for a living.   So much so that being forced into disability retirement sent me reeling into major depression.

Life is this way.  We don’t get to choose the weather, the circumstances, and the conditions life gives us.  We do get to choose how we respond.  I took losing my job hard.  I forgot there were choices I could still make.  One of those was to cling more tightly to Jesus.  He had mercy upon me though and He held me when I forgot to hold onto Him.  Gradually I learned,  all over again, a wiser way to make choices.

Today I am choosing to cling and choose more wisely the actions I take.  It’s still storming outside, and inside my heart as well, but my eyes are on the Light that is the same arms that are holding me in the storm.

How are you riding out your life storms?



As a Christian I struggle most with being cynical. I am jaded towards the possibilities of good in the world. I fight the negative thoughts in my mind all the time which consumes tremendous amounts of energy. Example:

  • I see a person standing on the median of the highway with a sign reading, “Homeless! Will work for food.” And my first thought isn’t, “How can I help this person?” but “Yeah, right!”
  • Listening to someone explain why they can’t keep a commitment or a promise there is this little voice in my head going, “Sure, just be honest, you’re blowing me off.”
  • Even in church when the reasons something can’t be done or should be done get to flowing around the discussion table there’s that voice, “Face it, you aren’t going to do this because it upsets your comfort zones.”

Is this voice discerning for me the spirits of the people I’m coming in contact with or is it judging others based on appearances?

Discernment comes with wisdom, I believe, and wisdom comes with experience. It is unfortunate that experience has taught me that in each of the examples I’ve given most likely I am right. It is also unfortunate that discernment was taught to me to be one of God’s spiritual gifts that could be applied to any given situation. But first let’s talk about being cynical.

Being cynical means I am without hope that the situation could be different, that the circumstances and conditions surrounding each of the above situations or any others, could be even slightly different making them honest and real. Or even that in part the situations are true.

Being cynical means I can be a wet blanket to new ideas myself! That I am going to be one of the sharp shooters thinking of a thousand reasons why something new won’t work. I can be the reason that thinking outside of the box earns someone a smack on the knuckles with my cynical ruler.

It is a part of me I don’t enjoy so I certainly don’t like it and it is also a part of me that taunts my own creative talents. Face it, does anything valuable come out of being cynical? It can prevent one from making a mistake but it can also be the reason something new isn’t tried, someone’s wings aren’t tested, that the apron string isn’t cut. It can cage the bird who needs to fly, who deserves to fly. It can cage even myself!

True discernment is another matter entirely especially within the realm of a spiritual gift. It is meant to help us detect false teachings and teachers, to prevent the True Gospel from being polluted with garbage, to discern between those who speak who are truly moved by the spirit of God and those by a false spirit. The New International Version translates 1 Corinthians 12:10, “…to another miraculous powers, to another distinguishing between spirits, to another speaking in different kinds of tongues and to still another the interpretation of tongues.”

So discernment and cynicism are not the same. I can’t hide behind that basket covering any longer. It is time to allow God to prune this from my heart. Could it be that being cynical is something God needs to prune from your heart too? Just a thought.

Being pruned,


Good Morning Lord

Good morning Lord, it’s me

Calling on You again

Before I forget let me say

How awesome You have been.

You are the Alpha and Omega

The Author of our lives

You’ve given us our very breath

Even blessings in disguise.

This morning Lord I come

With just one thing to say

I must tell You “Thank You”

That I’m alive on this day.

What’s ahead I do not know

But this much is for sure

You will walk beside me

Or carry me towards the shore.

My blessings are so many

I cannot begin to count

Husband, child, church family

Answered prayers begin to mount.

I’m alive in such an age

When I know I shouldn’t be

Yet You alone know my time

Here is where You keep me.

Today Dear Abba Father

Use me to do Your will

Glorify Your kingdom

Though I be well or ill.

Help me be a blessing

To someone else in need

Help me to remember

You are read in my deeds.

Good morning Abba Father

Thank you another sunrise

Pour Your spirit deep within me

Defeat through me Satan’s lies

None of us are useless

Though we are not the same

You made us in Your image

You know each of us by name.

Good morning Heavenly Father

Let my life to You be praise

For all I have to offer You

Is the love in me You raise.


May we rise to bless Him!