Prayer for them All


Abba Father,

The tears roll down an aging cheek

A wound is raw and weeping too

The world, this life has driven deep

It’s thorns of pain, distress and grief.


The anguish grows within a soul

Where loss has taken by surprise

Loved ones gone now grown cold

A vacuum now left behind.




The hunger in a stomach gnaws

Unnourished child of poverty

Trapped in the woes of Satan’s claws

The result of someone else’s sin.



The bombs explode, the shots ring out

People die without a chance

No way to help, no one to shout

Man’s war claims its victims gleefully.



The heart and mind of folks deceived

By false religions and deities

Whose heart the Truth they’ve not received

Who shun the Word or yet to hear.


The ones who are most like me

Who know You as their Saving Lord

Yet choose instead the sinner’s way

Who cannot break their selfish chords.


These ones I lift to You in prayer

O Mighty God the Living Word

Let me be an instrument of Your care

Let me be Your hands and feet!

These human souls in distress

Need You above all else it’s true

Accept this prayer to address

The woes of all who make humanity.

There seems so little I can do

So Father God I trust You’ve heard

Trust I have in the might of You

The Provider God, the I Am.

Send angels or Believers like me

Ease suffering, pain and hunger too

Loosen Satan’s grip so hope they see

You are God and love them still.

                            d.f.a.v. 8/28/13

Let it be!


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