I Thank You

For the blessings in my life that You’ve bestowed-
For life,
For family,
For church,
For friendships,
For Your presence here today,
For Your always hearing when I pray,
I thank You!
For Your blessings and provisions to numerous to count-
For medicine,
For laughter,
For breath,
For Your life itself,
For Your grace and compassion and love,
For Your joy and comfort sent from above,
I thank You!
For far, far so much more gratitude is due-
For rain,
For sorrows,
For troubles,
For hurt,
For struggles that have deepened me,
For the person in me others miss that You see,
I thank You!
For if You lend Your ears to my prayer You will hear my thanks-
For Calvary,
For an empty tomb,
For Heaven,
For eternity,
For the wonders and glory of all You are,
For the beauty of sun, moon and stars,
I thank You!
For thanks are due in every situation of life-
For prosperity,
For need,
For love,
For grief,
For all of life’s goodness and grace,
For all of the troubles and trying of faith,
I thank You!
Looking all around me the blessings they mount-
For Your Word,
For paper and ink,
For comforts,
For all I have,
For each spiritual crises and victory,
For Your abiding in one as unworthy as me,
I thank You!
d.f.a.v. 8-13-13

Giving thanks!

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