Good Morning Lord

Good morning Lord, it’s me

Calling on You again

Before I forget let me say

How awesome You have been.

You are the Alpha and Omega

The Author of our lives

You’ve given us our very breath

Even blessings in disguise.

This morning Lord I come

With just one thing to say

I must tell You “Thank You”

That I’m alive on this day.

What’s ahead I do not know

But this much is for sure

You will walk beside me

Or carry me towards the shore.

My blessings are so many

I cannot begin to count

Husband, child, church family

Answered prayers begin to mount.

I’m alive in such an age

When I know I shouldn’t be

Yet You alone know my time

Here is where You keep me.

Today Dear Abba Father

Use me to do Your will

Glorify Your kingdom

Though I be well or ill.

Help me be a blessing

To someone else in need

Help me to remember

You are read in my deeds.

Good morning Abba Father

Thank you another sunrise

Pour Your spirit deep within me

Defeat through me Satan’s lies

None of us are useless

Though we are not the same

You made us in Your image

You know each of us by name.

Good morning Heavenly Father

Let my life to You be praise

For all I have to offer You

Is the love in me You raise.


May we rise to bless Him!









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