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Letters to the Apostle Paul from 2013 #8

Faye, a Christian in the year 2013, again sit down to compose to the Apostle Paul, now a resident of Heaven with the Lord Himself, another letter. Although it was my intention to be to have my letters to you end at the last one, number seven, I find myself unable to do so. I am drawn repeatedly to the subject of women serving in leadership positions in Southern Baptist and other denominations being denied based solely on their gender. Further, I was challenged by a reader, a minister, pastor, friend to always keep in mind that now that my beliefs about your denial of these roles of pastor, deacon, teacher of men – to women had hanged I was accountable for the knowledge and what was to be done with it. I believed all I was to do was change my beliefs privately within our own congregation, publically via this forum and it was finished. I’ve found I was wrong.

How many more letters will I write to you? I do not know, I just know this one is being written.

In the Old Testament book of Judges, chapter 4 we read of the prophetess Deborah who was the wife of Lappidoth was leading Israel after Ehud died and the children of Israel had gotten themselves into slavery under Jabin, a king of Canaan, who reigned in Hazor. Deborah held court under what was referred to as the “Palm of Deborah” between Ramah and Bethel. God gave her instructions for Barak son of Abinoam from Kedesh so that Sisera, the commander of Jabin’s army whose army was equipped with nine hundred iron chariots plus other men could be defeated in battle and killed. He was an opponent that seemed to be invisible. God was prepared to give this man and his army to the army of Barak with only 10,000 men of Naphtali and Zebulun who had no iron chariots. God told Barak what to do through the Judge of Israel at that time, Deborah.

Did Barak go without question? No. Did Barak go as God had instructed him through Deborah without “insurance”? No. Barak agreed to go only if Deborah went with him. Barak went into battle because God gave a prophetess and Judge of Israel the instruction to do so specifically for Barak. This wasn’t Barak’s idea. I can see that he would have felt more confident if God had given him the instructions without sending them through Deborah but that isn’t what God did. Barak and Deborah must have had numerous conversations about how to throw off the yoke of oppression and slavery from Jabin through Sisera. Deborah, clearly, had made this a matter of prayer as had perhaps hundreds of other Israelites. Deborah got the battle plan from God.

Because Barak balked at following God’s plan without Deborah accompanying him (and Deborah had her own part to complete from God already) Deborah and Barak had this conversation in Judges 4:8-9, “Barak said to her, ‘If you go with me, I will go; but if you don’t go with me, I won’t go.’ “”Very well,” Deborah said, “I will go with you. But because of the way you are going about this, the honor will not be yours, for the Lord will hand Sisera over to a woman.”

Sure enough, Sisera’s army with its nine hundred iron chariots was defeated and Sisera escaped by running away. He sought refuge in the tent of Heber’s wife Jael who seemed to welcome him and provide him with a place to stay. He asked for water and she gave him milk to drink. She made him comfortable. He was exhausted and fell into a deep and sound sleep feeling safe in the tent Jael, a woman who was the wife of a friend of Jabin’s. Sisera apparently overestimated the friendly relations between Heber and Jabin and he really underestimated the ability of a female to kill him. He never woke up for Jael took a tent peg and a hammer and drove the tent peg through his temple into the ground. Sisera was wiped from the earth by the acts of two women. Deborah, the prophetess and Judge of Israel, who followed God’s instructions without question and Jael, of whom all we know is she was Heber’s wife and clearly either on the Israelites side or just really hated Sisera and/or Jabin.

Yet in Hebrews in the New Testament in chapter 11 verse 32 you wrote, “And what more shall I say? I do not have time to tell about Gideon, Barak, Samson, Jephtah, David, Samuel and the prophets,…” This particular chapter of your book called Hebrews is referred to by us today as “The Hall of Faith” for you have listed through Israel’s history those whose faith in God assured them His promise. You name Barak, you do not name Deborah and from the way you list the names of the men whose stories of faith you do not have time to cover it’s unlikely to suppose you would have included Deborah later, or Jael.

Barak did lead his 10,000 men to conduct a great battle and they did defeat the army lead by Sisera but Barak didn’t do it solely because he had faith in God. Barak needed an insurance policy of God’s favor. He needed Deborah to go with him. Barak and Deborah lead the Israelites in celebration in Judges Chapter 5 where the “Song of Deborah” is recorded. You credit Moses’ parents for hiding him and Rahab for befriending the spies sent to scope of Jericho but you credit Barak for what his faith allowed God to do. Barak, not Deborah, why? Barak’s faith needed an insurance policy and he lost the honor of being known as the man who took care of Sisera once and for all.

This strikes me as a time when perhaps your distrust of the female gender and the rigid laws of the laws and rules of the Old Testament got in the way of giving credit where credit was due.

Another piece of the puzzle concerning your personal attitude toward females and how that influenced your writing and your beliefs. Had you not had the attitude against women serving in leadership roles in the church, speaking in church then your words may have been different and the history of women would have been different.

How different is only something I could image, but I do know that man would not have had your words to twist to suit themselves if your words had been without prejudice.

Still finding my way on this,


The Content or the Care?


You know the old line parents use with kids so often when occasions arise for gift receiving?  You know, when Aunt Martha* gives you thermal underwear or Uncle Mike* wool socks?  Parents say, “It’s the thought that counts”!  To which kids reply silently in their heads with an eye roll, “Yeah, right”!

We tell our children these type things because one, our parents used the same line with us and two, we don’t want the gift giver to be embarrassed.  Aunt Martha and Uncle Mike did care enough they wanted to give something and and most likely a lot of love comes with the not-so-great gift.

Sometimes it’s not that the gift isn’t what our children, or us, want, it’s just a failure to understand the complete cost and caring that went into a gift.  This morning I spent four hours outside in 90° heat cleaning and painting furniture for part of our daughter’s birthday present.  She asked for a bedroom makeover and our family is coming together to make it happen in one day on Saturday.  For that to happen then some things must be done ahead, like the furniture.

It hurts me to know, that despite our best efforts our daughter will not recognize the true value and cost of this gift.  She won’t see these four hours I have just spent or the next two I need to finish.  She’ll miss the effort our family makes to make this happen for her, the customized loft bed, the pink walls with red swirls and hearts handpainted on, washing the walls before painting, taping off, the trip to the home improvement store and the antique store.  Why?  Because she will be turning 12 & she sees with the eyes of a child still. 

As painful as it is to recognize the work we as her parents still have to do to turn her view toward God more and others, I am halted in my pity party by the knowledge I do the very same thing with God.  Do you?

God takes the time, makes the effort, invests His energy into creating our world and do I notice?  How many sunrises do I take for granted or moan about because I am not a morning person?  God blesses me with a place to live, to call our own, where we can paint pink walls if we want.  Have I thanked Him for this today?  Although it drained me physically to do the work I did to prepare and paint our daughter’s furniture I have grumbled to myself that she won’t appreciate the investment I made in sweat, work and pain; have I thanked God He got me through it?  How painful is it to God that I fail to see the true value of His gifts to me?

Is it the content of the gift or the caring that went into the giving we need to daily remember in our walk with Christ?  Ouch!!  I have been blogging about wanting to be less so Christ can be greater and is this not one way I can?  By seriously thinking about the day-to-day authorship of my life by the I Am then the praise, honor and glory go to Him, not me.  When He shines through me, and you, He is greater, we are less.

Considering the caring,

Prayer for them All


Abba Father,

The tears roll down an aging cheek

A wound is raw and weeping too

The world, this life has driven deep

It’s thorns of pain, distress and grief.


The anguish grows within a soul

Where loss has taken by surprise

Loved ones gone now grown cold

A vacuum now left behind.




The hunger in a stomach gnaws

Unnourished child of poverty

Trapped in the woes of Satan’s claws

The result of someone else’s sin.



The bombs explode, the shots ring out

People die without a chance

No way to help, no one to shout

Man’s war claims its victims gleefully.



The heart and mind of folks deceived

By false religions and deities

Whose heart the Truth they’ve not received

Who shun the Word or yet to hear.


The ones who are most like me

Who know You as their Saving Lord

Yet choose instead the sinner’s way

Who cannot break their selfish chords.


These ones I lift to You in prayer

O Mighty God the Living Word

Let me be an instrument of Your care

Let me be Your hands and feet!

These human souls in distress

Need You above all else it’s true

Accept this prayer to address

The woes of all who make humanity.

There seems so little I can do

So Father God I trust You’ve heard

Trust I have in the might of You

The Provider God, the I Am.

Send angels or Believers like me

Ease suffering, pain and hunger too

Loosen Satan’s grip so hope they see

You are God and love them still.

                            d.f.a.v. 8/28/13

Let it be!


Less of Me


My heart remains involved and entangled in John 3:30, where John the Baptist said, “He must become greater, I must become less.”  It seems like such an elementary concept, more Jesus in our lives, less us.  Less me.  But to leave it there, a concept undeveloped changes nothing in my life.

Less of me.  Well, I could use less of me physically and given that I am an amputee to a degree there is less of me.  But, I know, as surely you do, John the Baptist wasn’t talking about physical appearance.  So what was he talking about? 

As my understanding of it is, John the Baptist, was Jesus’ cousin, Mary’s cousin Elizabeth’s son born after Elizabeth’s childbearing years.  When Mary visited Elizabeth before telling Joseph she was expecting the Messiah, John leapt in his mother’s womb when Mary came in with Jesus in her womb.  John recognized Jesus as the Messiah before either were born! John was older than Jesus by a few months I believe.  When John grew up it is said he lived primarily in the desert eating locusts and wild honey and dressed in animal skins. A wild man to some degree.  Not your image of the one to herald Jesus’ “coming out” when Jesus would reveal who He was to anyone.

Jesus sought John out so John could baptize Him and John consented, though he felt unworthy, because Jesus asked.  John the Baptist was not an arrogant man, neither did he indulge in gathering the things of earth that would make him esteemed among men.  John spent years telling people Jesus was coming, then that He was here and eventually losing his head for speaking the truth and two women’s need for revenge.  How much “less” could a man be?

John said these words when those who followed him pointed out that now Jesus was baptizing people, although it was actually the disciples baptizing, not Jesus.  John recognized his role in Jesus’ life was shifting.  Jesus was here now, He could speak and act for Himself.  But that didn’t mean John the Baptist no longer had a ministry just that the ministry shifted.

Now exactly how it shifted I don’t know but I imagine John began to point people to Jesus for discipleship and to hear, see, and learn from Jesus Himself who He was in relation to Scripture and mankind.

John the Baptist never stopped preaching and I don’t believe he stopped baptizing either.  He certainly never lost his zeal for truth!  So how did he become less so Jesus could become more?

My goodness, compared to John the Baptist there are multiple ways I could become less if my goal was to imitate John.  But that’s not my goal.

My goal is to imitate Christ.  For spiritually my life to become more about pointing others to Jesus than about my works, my ministry, my roles as wife and mother, sister, aunt, blogger, author, artist…it’s about laying me down and holding Christ up.

That is not easy.

That is not simple.

That is not without cost.

That is no elementary concept.

This is not something to give mere lip service to. This is where the ” rubber hits the road”.

“O Lamb of God, Change me!  Change me!”*

Becoming less,

Quote from poem Change Me by d.f.a.v., published on fvbf 8/26/13.  All rights reserved.

Change Me! Change Me!

“He must become greater; I must become less.” John 3:30 N.I.V.


One of the greatest hymns still sung in churches in America, usually during the time of the service pastors are giving us opportunity to respond to the prompting of the Holy Spirit is Just As I Am. Its words alone are words to sway us toward turning to our Heavenly Father.

“Just as I am, without one plea,

But that thy blood was shed for me,

And that thou bidd’st me come to thee,

O Lamb of God,

I come!

I come!”

The words, penned by Charlotte Elliott in 1834 are tenderly moving and they linger in my heart when I hear them. I am comforted, now, by the assurance that I am enough, as I am, for Christ. That is such a sweet knowledge to hold to my heart for so often in life I’ve felt as if I was just not “enough” for people I’ve loved.

What hit me yesterday in church (and we didn’t sing this song) was that if I believe, as I’ve come to see recently, God isn’t finished with me yet; was gratitude Jesus takes me as I am but also a new revelation of sorts; “don’t leave me this way Lord”! If I am to be part of the Great Commission, if “He is to become greater so I must become less” then I have to surrender myself so He can prune me. I must be willing to be refined in the fire. I must be willing to give up my prideful will, my selfish desires and my defeated attitude so Jesus can be the Lord of my life.

I’m just not sure what God has in store for the next twenty-four hours of my life or the next year or any years beyond that He sees fit to leave me here but I do know this:

Just as I am, without one plea,

But change me Lord to glorify thee

Remove my thorns and set me free

O Lamb of God,

Change me!

Change me!


My flaws, my sins, my selfishness,

I surrender them for Your best

Don’t leave me Lord without the tests

O Lamb of God,

Change me!

Change me!


Replace the milk as babe I drink

And help me on thy Word to think

From child to adult Lord I plea

O Lamb of God,

Change me!

Change me!


Prune from my heart the weeds of sin

Refine in fire the filth within

Create in me the daughter You see

O Lamb of God,

Change me!

Change me!

d.f.a.v. 8/26/2013


Being improved!





The notice arrived electronically
The one she’d been looking to arrive
She drew in her breath and prayed
Gratitude for being alive.
She was now among the selected
The day of appointment soon came
They explained everything matter-of-fact
All the reasons attributed to her name.
Bottom line there was no reason
For efforts to keep her alive
No doctor’s, hospitals or medicine
No efforts to help her survive.
Her choice was in how her life ended
Would she like assistance or go on alone?
Were her arrangements all in order
Did her family want her at home?
She’d expected this conversation
Known it was going to be
Still there were those who didn’t believe
This happening they couldn’t see.
Not in America they scoffed
Only for the worst of worst cases maybe
But never just because one was disabled
Over reaction they smiled sympathy.
But now she was selected
Would that help them see they were wrong?
Or would it take them being
Told they needed to be gone?
For sitting in a bubble of denial
Being blinded by special reprieves
Is no excuse for willingly allowing
To be made to die with dignity.
               d.f.a.v. 8/23/13

I realize this poem can be uncomfortable to read, the subject matter easier to dismiss than accept, but it is reality.  Either Americans step up now or these famous words of Martin Niemoller, a personal prisoner of Adolf Hitler during WWII will be words for us:

“First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out–
because I was not a Socialist.
Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out–
because I was not a Trade Unionist.
Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out–
because I was not a Jew.
And then they came for me–
and there was no one to speak for me.”

Please consider the consequences of where we are headed, I speak for one of those sure to be” selected”,

More of Him, Less of Me

As John the Baptist in days of old

To all who would listen surely told

After Jesus had been baptized by him

And the disciples began baptizing men

“He must be greater; I must become less.”*


If the world is to know who Jesus is

The gift He gave for us to be His

Then I must set aside self-pride

Trust in Him for every stride

I must become less so He can be greater.


Should my prayers be answered

For they are with His will aligned

Then I must put off my pettiness

Before Him I must readily confess

In me be greater Lord, my status less.


If the words I write are to mean anything

For the testimony I give for Jesus the King

Then to His will I surrender willingly

Setting aside my desires deliberately

For Him to be greater and I to be less.


What will this mean for me in this world

Can I not run to Him for me anymore?

Of course I can for He wants me to

Just as He wants that for you

But to make Him greater, and I less.


How will this look upon my face

Let me cling tightly to His grace

Let upon my countenance shine

The image of Christ for all mankind

As He becomes greater, and I become less.


It is simple and hard at the same time

This message God has said is mine

Part of the cross I must take to follow Him

From here to there and back again

“He must be greater; I must become less.”*

            -d.f.a.v. 8-21-13

More of Him, less of me!


*John 3:30 N.I.V.

The Heart House


As a young teenager one of the songs I sang with our church choir was “The Secret Place”.  The lyrics describe ones heart as being like a house where Jesus comes in and visits with you in the many rooms.  Except for that one room where you keep the door closed, hidden from prying eyes, even Jesus’ you imagine.  Then of course, as He has always known of it being there, He points it out and you know, ready or not, the two of you are about to enter that room.  In the chorus Jesus hands you the key “with tears of love on His face He said I want to make you free, let me go in your secret place”.

It is a beautiful song and the image of my heart being like a house has stayed with me through these many years.  What began as a teenage “what if” picturing in my mind has become a more solid picture in my adult mind.  Through the years as I’ve matured and learned what the important things in life are truly about the house I imagined in my heart has changed.  Gone is the two story white country home with airy sheer curtains blowing out the windows and rockers on the front porch.  Gone is the log cabin in the mountains with its lake view and long pier.  In their place has come a round rock home, not very big but solidly built to withstand life’s storms.  A place of retreat, of quiet, of reflection, of visiting with God and a place to create.

After my amputation I would seek the comfort of this heart house but it ceased being that for no longer could I climb the stairs to the domed observation porch, or to the second floor library where I had long imagined myself seeking and finding time alone with God.  I didn’t have the energy, spiritually or emotionally, to spare to renovate my heart house.  So it has stood neglected in my heart, the memory of it covered over in my mind.  It has been counted as a tally mark on the scoreboard of things I’ve lost in the last two and a half years.

Yet recently the thought of my house has crept into my subconscious and I’ve awaken feeling an aching loss and grief for this piece of my spiritual life.  For over the years, this image, though just an image in my mind of a house where Jesus and I lived and visited; where I sought shelter from the ugliness in life and the pain associated with it has come to mean a lot to me.  Even when I would go to create something crafty, paint a picture, write a poem, or work again on that novel this is the place from within me that those things came.  I worshipped in this heart house…I sang…I praised…and I sought and found the presence of Jesus there.

Then I drew the image as best as my limited abilities would allow as I’ve seen it these last 20 years, an outside view only I found myself adding a room on the ground floor and an entrance not there before on the other side.  It finally occurred to me, I didn’t need to forsake my heart house for I only need to renovate it!

So, over the next few weeks my heart house is under renovation!  Foremost I am keeping in mind that this is the place Jesus and I will meet on a daily basis whether I literally image it or not and I have all intention of rolling through with Him by my side to make the renovation decisions!

Perhaps it is a silly leftover from adolescence this heart house of mine.  Perhaps not.  Regardless it is important to me.  Is it possible you too have a house in your heart where Jesus waits for you to visit?  A room you’ve locked away because you’re ashamed of what it contains, the hurts are too great to acknowledge, the scars too tender to be observed?  Jesus has the key, He already knows the contents of that room, and He stands at the door with the key in the palm of His nail scarred hand outstretched to you.  Will you take it?  Will you let Him set you free?  Let Him help you turn that room into something beautiful?

Under renovation!


No More Crying “Wolf!”

There is one of Aesop’s Fables titled, The Boy who cried Wolf (although it has also appeared under other names through the centuries). To paraphrase the fable the village shepherd boy knows that if he calls out “Wolf! Wolf! The wolf is chasing the sheep!” the villagers of the town will come rushing to his aid. It is a safety precaution, a signal given so the boy knows he will not be alone to face a wolf attacking the sheep. Only this naughty boy cannot resist the temptation to use the signal cry to the ease his boredom. He does this not once but twice and the villagers all come running with angry and fearful faces only to find the boy laughing. He is warned not to repeat the prank both times (and in some versions of the fable it is more than two times) or the next time the villagers will not come thinking he is again lying.

Unknown to the shepherd boy the wolf has witnessed his pranks and heard the villager’s warnings. Only the wolf realizes villagers aren’t lying to the boy, they really won’t come when he calls again. So he makes his move upon the flock. Of course the boy sounds the alarm, “Wolf! Wolf! The wolf is chasing the sheep!” only the villager’s think he is lying again and they do not rush to help him.

At the end of the day when the boy does not return to town with the sheep the villager’s go to check on him. Here again the fable’s ending has differed through the years. Sometimes the boy is sitting, sobbing the sheep scattered and lost and when he asks why the villagers didn’t believe him when he used the signal. Sadly he is told it was because he had lied previously and so even when he told the truth no one believed him. Other times the boy and the sheep are all eaten by the wolf and the villagers use the event to warn their children about the dangers of lying. Either version has the same message, when you lie you risk not being believed even when you tell the truth. Sometimes the price you pay is one of life or death.

In John 14:1-4 Jesus is talking to His disciples and he says, “Do not let your hearts be troubled. Trust in God, trust also in me. In my Father’s house are many rooms; if it were not so I would have told you. I am going there to prepare a place for you. And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come back and take you to be with me that you also may be where I am. You know the way to the place where I am going.”

The entire book of Revelation was written by John in solitary confinement upon the island of Patmos is about the second coming of Jesus Christ. To John in Revelation 22:7 Jesus spoke these words, “Behold, I am coming soon! Blessed is he who keeps the words of the prophecy in this book.” In fact in Revelation 22 in verses 7 through 20 Jesus tells John 3 times He is coming soon.

In Mark 13:5-31 Jesus tells Peter, John, James and Andrew the signs of the ending of the age and His second return. And He warned them in verse 5, “…Watch out that no one deceives you. Many will come in my name claiming, ‘I am he,’ and will deceive many.” In verses 32-37 Jesus tells them that the day and time of His coming back are unknown but they are to keep watch.

There are more verses with similar if not the exact same words, promises and warnings. Despite the fact Jesus tells us that the day and time of His second coming is unknown to anyone but God Himself through the centuries multiple upon multiple people have claimed to know this information. They read the prophecies and they allow themselves to be misled and they in turn mislead others and the world watches as they are proven wrong and the people of the world laugh or shake their heads, pick up their daily lives and go on. Such events don’t even get as much attention as they used to for again and again, like the shepherd boy, the signal cry has been sounded for a false alarm.

Only Jesus coming back to earth again is real. This is no fable, parable or story made up to teach children (or adults) how to live choosing good things, to be good people. The Bible, the prophecies within it, the record of Jesus’ life, death, resurrection, ascension and how He will come again is real. Within it the signs that point toward the ending of time are given. I can read them, just in Mark 13 alone and see how many are happening all around us today. I wonder, as are many, how soon is the second coming going to be?

The world seems to be asleep as we attempt to evangelize its population. Are they asleep or are they apathetic towards the whole idea of Jesus returning to earth because it has been so long since Jesus was here the first time and made His warnings and because of those who have allowed themselves to be misled and then mislead others? Have we as a society become like the villagers and though we hear the cry we think it is the cry of a prankster, a liar?

Add to this the fact that Christians have walked along wider paths than the narrow one that leads to Jesus, getting distracted and lead astray from their mission to take the word to others so that sometimes it is hard to tell a Christian from a non-Christian. The deceptions of the Devil have always been crafty and capable of deceiving anyone.

But it is time for Christians to shake off the grip of the world, get on our knees and seek our mission and rebuke Satan in Jesus’ name! It is time to remind the world, Jesus is coming soon!

Sounding the alarm,


The Artists


“You shall not make for yourself an idol in the form of anything in heaven above or on the earth beneath or in the waters below.”  Exodus 20:4a N.I.V.

There is no explanation for it, that urgent need within the artist to create.  Art, especially these days, comes in many different methods of creation and presentation.  But, today let me skip the whole” what is art and what is not” side of artistic expression for what woke me one morning this week was the question, “What does God’s Word say about art and the artist?”

Disappointingly I found no direct scripture speaking to art or artists other than the craftsmen called upon to build the tabernacle under Moses.  (Exodus 25 through 28)  Here God called upon those skilled in sculpting, dying, architecture, wood work, tailoring, embroidery and those with abilities to work with precious metals and gems.  Reading the description of this sanctuary my artistic eyes imagine the beauty it possessed.

Music, literary works and dance are also mentioned in worship to God.  The Old Testament holds some of the best poetry I have ever read in just the books of Psalms and Ecclesiastes.  So I have no doubt the talents, gifts and craving to create comes from God.  After all, is there any greater artist than God Himself whose creation in turn inspires us to create?

In the reference material I read on art in the Bible it was noted that Israeli artistic contributions from Biblical times is mainly literary works.  The Bible itself an example of these works.  The very reason for less preservation or mention of other artistic endeavors may very well be Exodus 20:4a quoted initially on today’s blog.

Whether your artistic medium is paint, thread, gold, stone, wood, egg cartons or words it can be used to glorify God.  If our artistic products can bring just one person to think of God when they read, hear, experience or see them then are those artistic talents not used by God?  I think so.

Giving others a glimpse of God through my art is what I pray for.  There was a time when writing, music and crafting was my dream, my passion.  Those things didn’t fit well in the professional business world, although I was always blessed to be able to be a bit creative on every long term job I had but one.  So I stopped making art as often and sometimes for long stretches of time because my physical energy was consumed by a career.  Fortunately, one blessing my unplanned disability retirement has brought is the time to be creative a lot more often.

No one but me and God may ever appreciate my creative expressions but it is a lot more” me” than forcing myself to be the shaped peg the work environment needed me to be!  Art and the talent to create it are like all of our abilities in all areas of life, we can use them for God or not. That free will God gives us allows us that option. As for me, I think I will be…

Coloring for Jesus!