It was shiny steel gray with tall wheels on which rested the extended club cab and full truck bed. Beneath the driver’s side mirror a “killed ” tally was placed. If you look one of the  symbols is of a person in a wheelchair, the symbol used for handicap accessibility.

My first thought was, “Not funny”! 

Then, “Which ‘good ‘ole boy thinks this is amusing”?

Soon we found out.  Up to the truck tottered two ELDERLY women (the last group symbolized on the tallies).  The driver needed the help of the other to get inside. I realized, as the truck pulled away, the head of the driver barely visible, that the tally marks might be real! The truck certainly gave the impression of being more powerful than either of the women should be driving!

Suddenly I am struck by the image of squirrels, bunnies, deer and other animals scurrying for cover as Hot Trucking Granny barrels down the twisty back country roads in our county. That seems funny, a little.

I imagine, then, myself seeing the front of that steel gray machine streaming towards me as I try frantically to get the motorized shopping cart I borrow when available at WalMart to shop, to go faster. It wasn’t quite as humorous anymore.

The image of bicyclists and the elderly being mangled by the oversize tires isn’t funny either. I try to find the humor. I just miss the mark.

Despite a friend, whom I love dearly, remarking the tally was tasteless, but funny; I realize I was right initially, it just isn’t funny. It is also tasteless.

Admittedly I am not one who believes hunting for food is wrong, or to protect penned animals a horrible thing. I believe God gave us some animals as a food source. But I also believe killing to kill is wrong.

Roadkill is a sad side-effect of mankind driving wildlife out of their natural habitats into ours. Bicyclists who endanger themselves and motorists are unwise, but they don’t deserve to die! To make light of the value of life is to me sinful.

The thoughts in our hearts as Believers are revealed by our reactions to ordinary daily events. Chuckling over tasteless kill tallies reveals what?

Not laughing,

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