Lessons from the Knocks of Life


Life gives us knocks and spills
Mountains to climb,
Deserts to wander,
Even those seeking God’s will
Are subject to life lessons, no frills.

Love comes in all shapes and sizes,
Grace is extended as God sees fit,
Neither man or woman has the upperhand,
Intelligence doesn’t make you the wisest,
Money can buy you things but freedom from bias.

God has no measure of sin
Evil exists in the cleanest of hearts,
Truth can be found if it you seek,
Usually you yourself do yourself in,
Get up tomorrow and do it again.

Time here is wasted in silly pursuits
For when before God’s throne
We face an account of all we’ve done
No secret, no sin will be moot
Our lives exposed to the very root.

It’s not if we live life here perfectly
Or accumulate wealth, do good deeds,
Won’t matter the cost of our toys
Or the house we live in by lake or tree
But accepted salvation humbly
This is the chief matter I see.

I must pursue Jesus at all costs,
Live every moment reaching for Him,
Seeking God’s will faithfully
Finding His spirit in the very air I breathe
Other pursuits have to high a cost
I must have God or else I’m lost.

Though life valleys be troubled
It’s mountains breathtakingly steep
Though it’s path lead to danger
To temptations to sin
I must stand for God unashamed
To God alone I must be named.


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