Being a Drop for Jesus

There was a Facebook conversation going on between some friends about not looking at the numbers on our blogs, (number of readers, comments, subscribers in particular). Everyone was encouraging everyone else to just “write what God wants you to write and forget about the numbers”. Truth is if I went by numbers I would have given up months ago.

Who do I write for? God? Yes, I want some way of letting people know that being Christian doesn’t mean you are perfect, that there are different viewpoints on issues and topics from many different sects of Believers, from males and females, church to church and even Christian to Christian. Being disabled and in a situation where I’m not involved in the world beyond my house and the drive to my daughter’s school a lot I wanted a way to connect with people, to share the simple message that God loves them. And I was burning within when I would read other blogs and as I got to know those bloggers to write again. To seriously write.

Since that Facebook conversation where we all encouraged one another to keep writing regardless of how few or how many read what we wrote I’ve been thinking. And initially I was thinking, “Are we wrong? Do the numbers matter? If no one is reading what we’re writing but us and God then aren’t we failing if our goal is to reach people with the message, “God loves you”?

If no one is reading that as Christians we struggle with earthly matters, screw up at times, and become annoyed, angry, and resentful how will they see there’s another way to handle those feelings rather than acting out toward someone violently? Or seeking revenge?

If no one is reading about how someone’s faith in God helps them with tremendous burdens in life how will they know God can help them?

If no one is reading about Heaven how can they find their way out of Sodom and Gomorrah?

We have at our fingertips technology that Paul, Peter, James, Luke, Matthew and John couldn’t have even dreamed existed in their missionary days. Would these men be okay with an audience of one? As a people we are so richly blessed to be able to communicate to an infinite number of people our witness for Jesus Christ.

Do numbers matter? Yes. I think they do.

My 16 followers, and whatever numbers that aren’t counted officially, are a drop in the bucket of need in this world for Jesus; but they are a drop. And all the other bloggers who take the time to write for God, whether they have subscribers and readers into the thousands or like me in the double digits or even single digits those are all drops in the bucket. Granted some drops are bigger than others but they are only drops when measured against the need.

And the need is great.

So we keep dropping our drops of Living Water to the thirsty world.






We will never fill the bucket. We can’t. Only Jesus can. But we can be His tools.










With my drop for today,


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