A Funny Thing Happened…

…on the way to this morning’s blog.

I didn’t sleep well last night, ironically because I couldn’t get a subject off my mind for this blog, so this morning I can’t put two words together.

Strange things are perking in my heart that I’m not ready to share.

My phone seems destined to keep ringing no matter what I need to be doing.

Phase 3 of a reorganization project is staring me dead in the face and I can’t block it out to write.

I need some time in prayer because my heart is all confused.

The foot I don’t have feels like it’s curving up towards the back of the knee of the leg I don’t have and it is a bit painful and a lot distracting.


…new blog tomorrow…

Right now do I nap or organize?

I think I’ll start with the praying!


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