Satan and the Snake

Said Satan to the serpent, “Come on and join with me

I wish to render aid to Adam, I wish to help the woman Eve.”

The serpent was quite crafty it recognized that this was not true

But did it really have need to care, if Satan had no wish to help the two?

So he shook his head, he pawed the earth and to Satan said,

“What is in it for me if I help you? I’ve no wish to be dead.”

“Let me use your body, let me speak to Eve through you.

She knows you so she won’t be afraid and then you’ll get your due.”

Satan waited for an answer, “Tell me serpent what is it you say?”

The serpent’s ego was all puffed up it visualized its day.

It always knew it was to do great things so he joined Satan’s evil plan

Together the two of them would bring about the fall of man.

Everything went as planned at first, came off without a hitch

Satan spoke through the serpent there was not a tiny glitch.

Eve ate the fruit as Adam did the two cried they’d been duped

By Satan from inside the serpent’s skin and all creation changed.

Wrought by a play on words, a hint of truth, a lie grew to exist

A lie that led to God’s warning being too easily dismissed.

The serpent first in line for punishment crawled among the dust

God even cursed his offspring it was no longer an animal to trust.

Between the snake and humankind enmity would always be an evil will

It would be crushed beneath their feet, their heels its strike would feel

The craftiest of the animal creations, punished right along with man

The first tool of Satan the serpent was, the first play of Satan’s plan.

As far as for man’s redemption one day God knew what to do

To bridge the gap ‘tween God and man He would die for me and you.

To this day the once crafty serpent crawls along every curse still true

Ironic is it not, that as Satan promised, the serpent received what it was due?

*This is a work of fiction, it is only Biblical in regards to the serpent being used by Satan to talk Eve into tasting the fruit from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil and the curse God placed upon Satan. Also Biblical is the fact God, as His Son, would die upon a cross and rise from the grave to restore the relationship between Him and mankind. For the Biblical account of the fall of mankind read Genesis 1-3. For the Biblical account of the death of God upon the cross as Jesus read Matthew 26-28.


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