Not Lucky


In You there is no happenstance
No such thing as coincidence
Good luck by chance does not apply
And lucky charms with You don’t fly.
With You are events woven carefully
In a tapestry we have yet to see
Each divine appointment planned
O Your ways not known to man.
Evil and bad things are not Your way
Consequences of sin ’tis sad to say
Or perhaps allowed to refine our strength
To embed our roots increase their length.
In You Abba Father we can be secure
That both beauty and storm we will endure
By holding tight to our Master’s hand
Lives built on You not shifting sands.
Keep your gambling and lotteries
God will bless my toil, supply my needs
Idols of wood, plaster, stone, plastic and iron
God will shift from my life as wheat and corn
Until I live my life as surely blessed
Away from chasing rainbows and stress
I will think no more in coincidence
But live my life in His own strength.


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