Do I Understand?

Prayer is an important part of my life.  Isn’t it?  As a Christian it should be.  It’s the focused time of communication with God.  If God is the number one priority in my life then communicating with him has to also be my priority, my primary one.

Daily requests for prayer come across my personal Facebook page and the page specifically for prayer requests I belong to.  People seeking healing for family, friends and strangers ask others and I to pray for God’s intervention.  Or prayers are sought for jobs, finances, depression, family issues.  People believe in the power of prayer.  I believe too, don’t I?

Do I?

If I do, why do I hear that voice in me say, “What?  Pray?  This little boy is being held captive and all you offer is prayer?”

Yes, I offer prayers and I request them too.  Why?  Because I know prayer is not only effective but is the best thing I can do.  Other times I can pray and help supply food, transportation, a listening heart or a hand to hold while tears are shed.  But the prayer support is of greatest value.

No matter the whisper of doubt or insufficient response that may cross my mind, prayer remains.  I know the power of prayer.  I have been uplifted in prayer by God’s people and miracles have been called forth for me.  So let us pray together so heaven rings with our faith seeking God’s will. 

For what shall we pray?

Our country and our leaders.
Our churches and our leaders.
Our schools and their teachers, administrators, the other school staff and students.
Our sons and daughters.
Our spouses.
Our families.
A 5-year-old autistic child held hostage in an underground bunker outside Dothan, Alabama for almost a week now.
Those souls who are seeking God both those aware of their search and those to be awakened.

Pray for these things and more.  Pray without ceasing. 

For the ones who pray seek God’s will and in that search find truth and God’s presence as well.

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