Sitting Still at Zero


Abba Father,
You are the I AM, the God of Creation, the Giver of Life and the Author of our lives!  You know each breath we take, each scar we bear, each tear we shed.  You understand what we need before we do and wait as we flounder around before recognizing it ourselves and asking for the blessing You have ready for us.  Heavenly Father grant me time in Your presence this morning.

It seems like the world has gone crazy Lord.  Every news cast is filled with the violence and pain mankind inflicts upon one another.  Fear causes many, self included, to want to hide away from the world.  Perhaps if I can keep my family and I off the radar I can keep us safe? 

Yet Your word tells me I am not to have a spirit of fear, that perfect love casts out all fear and that You are always with me.  You also gave me instructions to GO OUT INTO THE WORLD, sharing You and Your love, the gift You gave upon a cross so that WE, that I might spend eternity in Your presence. 

It’s hard Lord, but You know that.  You knew that when You first charged Your believers to GO.  I cannot do anything to turn the darkness into light in this world Lord but shine Your light, allow it to shine through me. 

I am here Lord, ready to go but sitting at zero.  I plea Your instructions, send me Lord where You can use me to shed Your message, Your light to those ready for Your seeds of truth to be sown.

I love You Lord!  I praise You Lord!  To You be all honor and glory!  You are awesome in all places Mighty Father!


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