Car Wash Prayer


Two minutes of solitude.  Two minutes of isolation.  Two minutes of being shielded from all eyes.  Two minutes of good smelling detergent and wax and a car clean again.  Joy! Yes, the car wash.

We have a favorite automatic car wash and for reasons that are difficult to explain just getting to go through it is a time of rejoicing. A two minute celebration, a mini-party breaks out inside our car, we are curiously happy.

Just waiting in line fills us with anticipation, excited to be readying to have our car washed. From the moment the green light bids us to enter we seem to hold our breath for the part we love most. First though there is the preparation for those most cherished moments…the undercarriage is sprayed, tires prepared, car misted down. Stronger jets of water loosen dirt and grime and the white soap is applied in a foamy blanket. Flapping non-bristle brushes slap at the lower torso of the car body removing caked dirt and roadway deposits. Harder storm like waters pour over the car, running down the car in rivers of dirty waters, freeing the cars exterior of the clingy evidence of life’s journeys.

Inside our vehicle we are eager for the cleaning to occur, to be over. It is only then when the joyful part of the carwash happens. The light flashes on the progress menu signaling that the poly triple wax is at last going to be applied to the car’s exterior.

With the first yellow, blue and pink streaks of polywax shoot like eruptions onto the vehicle we begin to chant, “Ice cream on the car! Ice cream on the car!”

Our arms wave, our joy is evident as we party for 15-20 seconds through this cycle of the car wash. “Ice cream on the car! Ice cream on the car!”. Then the final rinse, we move to the blow dryers and feel the powerful blasts as water beads and is blown away.

A simple, ordinary chore becomes a celebration. A never-ending anticipation of something amazing lifts our burdens for a brief two minutes. Lovely! Amazing!

Prayer is like the car wash. Yes, it’s true. Your heart approachs the throne of God, the light of Jesus bids you to come. The perfume of the cleansing soap greets your senses, the initial waters prepare you for the onslaught of washing waters. Prayer beckons you to cleanse your heart and soul.

Like the brushes that slap the dirtier, more grimy roadway gunk away so is the confession of your soul. Then like the flow of forgiving rivers of love your sins are washed away beneath the innocent blood of Jesus Christ.

Once clean you have a layer of protection, preparation and praise to rejoice in as mats of joy fill your soul. The tears on your face are dried beneath the strengthing of a healing wind. Your soul exits, ready for the journey again.

Finally the heart and soul are returned to its functional state of existence. Your heart and soul are ready for your mission to share Jesus now, ready for life’s roads again.

Joy remains, the perfume of God’s love, forgiveness and mercy waft around you, “Not my will but thine O Lord, not my will but Thine!” echoes in your soul. The soulwash is complete until again you bring yourself in from a renewed desire for a touch from God Himself.


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