The Passions


Misguided Passion tore the goal post down,

God’s Passion sowed the seed,

Obsessed Passion stalked the movie star,

Loving Passion took the Gospel overseas.


Misguided Passion pulled the trigger,

God’s Passion achieved the dream,

Obsessed Passion collected knives and guns,

Loving Passion followed the Disciples Creed.


Misguided Passion turned to hatred,

God’s Passion moved in love,

Obsessed Passion took another’s life,

Loving Passion calls on God above.


Misguided Passion used for evil,

God’s Passion discernly ruled,

Obsessed Passion  runs amuck

Loving Passion is carefully schooled.


Misguided Passion in the Devil’s hand

God’s Passion of His heart,

Obsessed Passion spoiled by evil,

Loving Passion from God embarked.


Misguided Passion robs and corrupts

God’s Passion restores and forgives,

Obsessed Passion steals a man’s soul,

Loving Passion invites the soul to live.


Misguided Passion bids the earthly win

God’s Passion points to Him,

Obsessed Passion ruins a heart,

Loving Passion forgives our sin.


Which Passion will you choose today?

Which Passion will you take?

Which Passion is read in your life?

Which Passion is given for your sake?

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