Who Am I? (A Guest Post Story by My Daughter & “Charlie”)

This story was written by my daughter & her very lively puppy “Charlie”.  On her own initiative she decided to make her writing project for her 6th grade Language Arts a story about adoption.

She graciously agreed to allow me to post it on fvbf (Faith View by Faye) to help bring awareness to the need for adoptive parents.

The story of our adoption of her will be part of the overall focus of National Adoption Awareness Month during November 2012.


Once there was a baby named Bella.  She was a newborn and she was as small as a Cabbage Patch doll.  She had a bald head.  Little did she know she was going to need to be adopted.

Four years later and Bella had grown to be a beautiful little girl.  Bella’s eyes were brown, her cheeks had a few freckles, her black hair was so long that even when it was braided it reached a long way down her back.  When it wasn’t braided her hair was straight as a board, very shiny and smooth as puppy ears.  She was one hundred percent Caucasian.

Her birth mom’s name was Amy Duncan.  Bella’s granny’s name was Mabel.  Bella remembered that they fought a lot…a real lot.  Amy couldn’t take care of Bella by herself and that was the problem.  Bella was taken to an orphanage, although she had no idea of what was going on when her birth mom left her.  Bella started to cry.


It had been a year since Bella’s birth mom left her.  It was a normal day, or so she thought.  The dorm mother came behind Bella and said, “Hello dear.”

“Hi!” said Bella.

“Are you okay?” the dorm mother asked?

“Why does nobody want me?” Bella asked as she looked out of the window.

“People do want you.  You just have to stop hiding.”  The dorm mother said. (Her name was Mary.)

Just then the telephone began to ring and Mary went to answer it.  When she came back she was smiling.  “Bella someone wants to adopt you!” Mary said.

Bella didn’t say anything.

“Bella you must lighten up!” Mary said.

“I don’t want to go home with strangers!” Bella cried.

“We wouldn’t send you home with strangers Bella!  Remember that nice couple you spent a few weekends with back during the summer?  The same ones who took you to the beach for a few days?  The Chase’s?”  Mary explained.

“I remember but that was months ago now!”  Bella said.  She couldn’t remember exactly how long but it seemed like a long time.

“It wasn’t that long and they’ve had their attorney working on adopting you this whole time!  We didn’t want to tell you in case something went wrong.  But nothing has Bella.  The Chase’s can be your forever family.”  Mary assured the child.  “Oh Bella, these people will take care of you something your biological mom couldn’t do.”

“I know.” said Bella.  But she was still scared.

An hour later she was going home with her new parents.  “We have a surprise for you when we get to your new home.” Jason Chase said.

“Really?!” squealed Bella.  “What is it?  What is it?”  Bella was overjoyed.  She knew she was going to like her new parents right away, she remembered how special they made her feel when they had been together.  They didn’t feel like strangers at all.


They were going all the way to the State of Kentucky.  That meant they spent the night at a hotel and the hotel had an indoor swimming pool.  The three of them had a great time swimming and splashing around and her new mom promised to teach Bella how to swim.

The next day when they drove across the Kentucky state line her new dad teased Bella.  “You live in Kentucky now, the home of KFC!”

“Awesome!” said Bella, but then she asked, “What’s a KFC?”

“Well little one, KFC is best experienced.  What about we stop there for lunch?” her mom asked.

Bella just smiled.  She kept smiling for later that day when they got home they showed her to her room.  In her room she saw her favorite color everywhere!

In her room you would see a hot pink wall, a hot pink canopy bed, hot pink quilts, hot pink sheets, a hot pink pillow, a pair of hot pink slippers, a hot pink dresser, hot pink shelves with all the toys she ever imagined and on her bed was a white box with a red bow on top.  Then all of a sudden the box…MOVED!

When she picked it up she noticed it had pencil sized holes on the lid.  Could they be air holes?  Bella was confused.  She carefully untied the ribbon, lifted the lid and…


(To be continued…)

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