One Drunk Driver

Many of my readers know that the road leading to my amputation had root in childhood abuse.  However few know the starting point was one man behind the wheel of a car while drunk.

My favorite uncle had a new car so as I was always told one Sunday afternoon my dad, my newly expecting again mother, uncle and I, at 11 months old, went for a drive.

Someone else decided to drive that day too.  One huge difference, my uncle was sober.  The other guy was not. In his intoxication he ran a stop sign.  The impact broke my left leg. 

It took three days for my mother to talk the doctors into doing an x-ray.  I, at 11 months old, spent 6 weeks in traction with the only parts of my body touching the bed being the back of my head and right shoulder.

Much has changed in medicine since then.  Much has changed in car safety (then car seats were non-existent, seat belts not required) since that February day in 1965.

One thing hasn’t changed. People still choose to drink and drive.  Innocent people are the victims of their decisions.

Beer, wine, hard liquor do not decide to drink and drive, or create alcoholics, split up families, divide marriages.  People who misuse them do.

Naturally from my own experience and countless other people’s stories I will vote no on Blount County becoming wet.  I hope you will too.

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