Is it a Burden from God or from Man?

Tonight I’d like to pose a question and hope that some of you will respond with your comments.

How do you know if the pressure, the burden you’re feeling is of God or of mankind? 

As a Believer I often struggle with this issue.  Soaking up everyone’s tension around me and making it my own.   I’ve labeled this under “compassion” and “understanding”.  Tonight though I wonder…

Is it compassion or a lack of boundaries?   Am I being more spaghetti like than waffle like?  (There’s a book titled something like, Men are like Waffles, Women are like Spaghetti.)

Is it understanding or a desire to “please” the other person?

Am I willing to carry someone’s burden an extra mile to show Christ or to prove myself a team player?

Your turn….




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