Interview with Mrs. Noah

(This is a work that is 99% fiction.  While it’s true that Noah was instructed by God to build an ark and that he and his family, along with each species of animal on the planet at that time were saved by God’s plan for the ark.  “Mrs. Noah” and daily life aboard the ark are not covered in the scriptures.  For an accurate recording of the story of Noah and the Ark please see Genesis 6:1-8:22 in the translation of the Bible of your choice.  All scripture quoted in this piece is from the New International Version of the Bible.)

On a hot summer day in July I sat down with Mrs. Noah for tea and conversation.  We made an odd pair, me in my modern red maxi-dress, short brown hair that is always slightly untidy and sitting in a power chair and she in her loose long dress nearly covered by the inner mantle both in shades of brown and her hair white as snow neatly braided and hanging down her back, seated in one of my mismatched dining room chairs.

This was my first interview of a “famous Biblical person” so I was a little nervous.  Mrs. Noah helped put me at ease by smiling and patting my hand.  “Go ahead dear, ask your questions.”

So the interview began:

FVBF:  How did you find out about Noah’s plan to build an ark?

Mrs. Noah:  Noah’s plan?  Where on earth did you get the idea it was Noah’s idea?

(Great I thought to myself, I’ve managed to start out asking a bad question!)

FVBF:  You’re right, how did you find out that God had given Noah the task of building an ark?

Mrs. Noah:  (Laughing dryly.)  Like every other woman finds out such things from their husbands.  He walked into the tent with our sons and they started making plans.

FVBF:  I suppose some things haven’t changed!  Was it difficult when the community didn’t support Noah’s building of an ark?

Mrs. Noah:  Truthfully that was the hardest part for me.  I prayed daily, several times a day in fact, for the strength to help Noah continue what he knew God wanted done when our other family and neighbors thought he had gone mad.  Some even suggested he had been possessed by a demon when he told them God had spoken to him.

FVBF:  Tell us what a typical day on the ark was like once the rains came and you began floating.

Mrs. Noah:  It wasn’t anything like your modern day cruises I can tell you that!  Once the rain started it was dark outside the ark so telling time, knowing the passing of time, was dependent upon the inner knowledge of the roosters who crowed at days start and our own body’s clocks to tell us when the day was drawing to a close. 

We met in the common room for prayer and while my daughter’s-in-law and I prepared food to break our fast the men began to tend to the animals.  Noah liked to walk through inspecting them all first so that was where they started.

After breaking our fast Noah, our three sons and their wives began the daily tasks of cleaning stalls and feeding the animals.  I usually stayed in the living quarters to tend to the daily housekeeping tasks, cleaning, food preparation, meal planning, and laundry – Oh the laundry!  At least there was plenty of water!  (Laughing at her own joke, she continued.) 

The mid-day meal was usually eaten in shifts but the evening meal was always eaten together.  Noah would lead us in worship and prayer and then we would separate to our own rooms to sleep.

Not a very glamorous way of life but blessed for certain.

FVBF:  Was it noisy on the ark?  Smelly?

Mrs. Noah:  Of course!  But the animals did very well considering they hadn’t floated around in an ark before either!  They settled into a routine much as we humans did in time.

FVBF:  Were you ever afraid?  Of all the rain?  Even the animals?

Mrs. Noah:  I can’t lie.  I’d like to say that no, my belief in God kept my fears at bay but that isn’t true.  Many times I was afraid.  When you start thinking that just feet below you are animals that could easily tear you to pieces or that there’s so much water outside it seems you will never have earth beneath your feet again – fear creeps in on you.

FVBF:  How did you overcome those times of fear?

Mrs. Noah:  Well the same way you do I hope!  I prayed.  I listened as Noah told us again and again the stories of God since the beginning of time.  I had to keep choosing to trust God and believe.  A walk of faith was no different then than it is now.

FVBF:  One last question, have you ever been offended that you weren’t mentioned more often in the scriptures, the oldest history book of mankind?

Mrs. Noah:  Offended?  Offended by whom?  Moses?  Noah for not telling more people about my small role in such a miracle?    God?  Goodness no!

God didn’t speak to me now did He?  He spoke to Noah.  He told Noah what to do and how to do it.  But you know what?  I’m mentioned.

I made the book.  Now, may I ask your readers a question?

FVBF:  Certainly.

Mrs. Noah:  Are they in the book?  The one John tells us about in Revelation, “Another book was opened, which is the book of life.” (Rev. 20:12b) “If anyone’s name was not found written in the book of life, he was thrown into the lake of fire.” (Rev. 20:15)  So dear Readers, have you made it into the book?

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