Modern Day Hero #2: Elbert Williams a.k.a. “Uncle Bert”

The news of Uncle Bert’s death shortly after my mother’s death was devastating to me.  The last time I had seen him was at my mother’s funeral and we’d had no time to talk.

Elbert Williams, known to most of us Baptist Student Union (now known as Baptist Campus Ministries) students as “Uncle Bert” was a man exactly where God called him to be.  When I transferred in to Troy State University as a junior he didn’t let me “slip through the cracks”.  His door was always open.  His advice was always free but Biblically based.  His heart was walking right along with us as we walked the collegiate portion of our lives.

He was the grandfather I’d never known, a replacement father since I found hard to love my Dad, a man of God who cared that each of us develop a real relationship with Jesus Christ.  He was my confidant, my cheerleader, my defender and the first man who BELIEVED God had a plan for my life.  Even when I disappointed him and made decisions he didn’t approve of he didn’t stop speaking to me or withhold himself.

Uncle Bert challenged me especially concerning spiritual foundations I’d come to TSU firmly grounded in that went against God’s word.  He was a huge part of my life while I was at TSU and long after.

I miss him to this day and as we plan a reunion for TSU’s Homecoming this October and gather at the BCM building (remodeled of course) a part of me will be aware that someone is missing among us.  He’s just another reason I long for my “heavenly home”.

Hope you’re having a blast in Heaven Uncle Bert, you deserve more than I can describe and I pray I told you enough how much you meant to me while we both occupied this planet.



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