Does God Not Say?

“Eyes are not blind to their realities

Ears are not deaf to their cries

This heart is not calloused to their bruises –

I see –

tiny bones broken

bruises covering bodies

bellies grumbling for food

I hear –

their inward questions of why

their cries at their pain

their souls losing their songs.

I see –

parents who turn away

adults who inflict the harm

craziness at their expense.

Yes, I could say “ENOUGH and it end

What I created I can as easily destroy

But I also gave you mankind free will –

I see –

efforts made to heal

hands rushing out to help

hearts broken at the battered.

I hear –

stronger voices for the weak

prayers for the hurt

those who stand in the gap.

I see –

and I give you all a bit longer

to finally stop this madness

redeem all by redeeming the least of them.


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