Hiding from the reflector would not help me

Truthfully, there is nowhere to escape

The words, Holy, God inspired reflect the heart

Held themselves before me and I was to see.

He promises a way to bypass temptation

I fail to even look for the door

He promises to walk through the valley with me

I panic and let go of the foundation.

He tells me not to worry about tomorrow

I lay awake worries heavy on my heart

He promises to always be with me

I feel only overwhelmed in the sorrow.

He bids me put on the whole armour of God

I find each piece too heavy in my weakness

He calls for me to cast my net

I remain rooted on the familiar sod.

I am called to be like Christ

To strive to be perfect in Him

Yet the reflection tells me

Who and what I am -so far from Christ.

Thank You Father, that Your forgiveness

Wipes my soiled and sour soul clean

And with Your help, Your aid

Promise rises through my mess.


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