It’s Easier

It’s easy to say “I love everyone”,
When the everyone is mostly like you.
But it’s harder to do we’ve discovered,
When the other is nothing like you.
It’s easy to push for equal treatment,
When the fight is for what you believe.
But it’s harder to make sure it happens,
When it’s against all you can achieve.
It’s easy to “live and let live”,
When the living is one of your own.
But it’s harder when what they’re selling,
Threatens to black out what you’ve grown.
It’s easy to applaud the winner,
When the trophy goes to one you gladly claim.
But it’s harder when the winner turns out to be,
One you’d never choose for the fame.
It’s easy to snatch up and go running,
Declaring “this isn’t the way”.
But it’s harder to stay and invest,
When the harvest comes in another day.
It’s easier perhaps, to give up,
When the other side has the win,
But easier may not be the answer,
Considering the shape that we’re in.
So I put my hand to the plow,
And I lift my heart to the Son.
Trusting He will be forever guiding me,
So in the end then He will have won.
         dfav 1/20/17


A Memory Slice

The memories slice right to my heart,
Reminding me of a separate time,
When I believed myself to be,
A woman who’d cast her own part.
Who stood up and saw the prize,
Bent will to work and determined win,
Daily gave only my absolute best,
Shoved forth the smile, left behind the sighs.
I believed she was who You meant me to be,
Assisting those whose greater work,
Was to save “at-risk youths” and family,
Help them healthy in mind and spirit be.
Though Your name could not be freely spoke,
It mattered little if we but kept them well,
Surely someone else would plant Your seed,
We would certainly break burdensome yokes.
Yet I see now between those pictured memories,
How wrong to do good for good’s sake alone!
I offered hope of merely man kinds hand,
Not of You Lord, who would have set them free.
          dfav 1/19/17


The Christmas Light

The lights are lit, some in colors some clear,
Green trees in abundance grace homes with cheer,
Decorations abound for many a mile,
Christmas hopes bring about many a smile.

‘Til the season to give and so we believe,
The presents stacked high for we also receive,
Nativity sets and snowmen grace many a lawn,
Yes, Christmas comes to adult and fawn.

Oh, no, it doesn’t erase all the evil that exists,
Doesn’t replace those we dearly miss,
It can’t undo what evil has wrought,
But for the soul who just a bit caught,

The Christmas Spirit nurtures a flame,
Burning within in God’s holy name.
For God’s love became flesh by a miracle birth,
His Son became man on this earth.

Christmas comes but once a year,
If only for everyone it could bring good cheer,
But it should always remind me and you,
Jesus Christ is the light that makes Christmas true.
          dfav 12/22/16


This Gift

This is a Christmas gift to you,
The most costly present one could give,
Without paper, bow or string,
A gift that can help you truly live.
How you’ve longed for such as this!

No more tearing through your days,
Or restless, sleep deprived, anxious nights,
With tossing, turning or pacing the floor,
But sure assurance it can be made right.
Your heart has cried for such as this!

This gift will eliminate any empty feeling,
Fill you with the Light of true love,
And create in you a need to point the way,
For others to this gift from God above.
Your soul has space for such as this!

Conceived in obedience with the Holy Spirit,
The Baby Jesus born in Bethlehem,
A gift to bridge the gap ‘tween God and us,
He was the Son of God sent to reconcile men.
Your heart rejoices for such as this!
        dfav 12/20/16


From the Cottage-by-the-Sea, #21, 12/19/16

Abba Father,
The fiercest storm blew in last week,
Sending me scurrying inside so quick.
Where I slept, then awakened and peered out,
Hoped for a quiet voice in the storm’s shout.
The chaos inside me bigger than all outside,
Would neither leave me or help me hide.
Drenching rains pounded icy cold,
All I could seek Lord, was Your sheltering hold.
This storm blew in with no warning this time,
No explaining reason nor bit of rhyme.
This diaster ripped apart my heart,
Reckoning havoc in every part.
Beyond the shore there’s a relic revealed by the storm,
The storm has quickly become the norm.
Though I spent some time in thought and prayer,
Or artistic projects to transport elsewhere.
This new relic so brazeningly revealed,
Taught me that though my eyes cannot see,
There’s more in my spiritual life to still be freed.
Lord, help me make use of this prayer,
I thank you for Your time and care.

           dfav 12/18/16


Christmas Spirit, You’re Welcome Here

Christmas Spirit, You’re welcome here,
Amongst those I love so dear,
Come and show us once again,
That love can transform any man.

Christmas Spirit, please help us see,
Not the mountain but the possibility.
Keep strong for us Your hopes and dreams,
With a love determined to defeat Evil’s schemes.

Christmas Spirit, fill each ones heart,
With determination to do our part,
To make the world a safer place,
But one that won’t deny Your face.

Christmas Spirit, You’re welcome here,
Spread Your peace both far and near,
Wrap us in Your warmth and grace,
As young Mary did our Lord embrace.
           dfav 12/14/16


There’s Something

There’s something in the eyes.

A never dying hope for peace.

Regardless of the pain,

Miracles still take wing to fly,

When hearts keep love aloft.

There’s something in the voice.

Firm but gentle with true belief,

That evil will not always win,

For sometimes when man has choice,

Someone will choose good.

There’s something in the heart.

A space meant for God alone.

Waiting that we but turn to Him,

And trust Him with each part,

Only then can His creation win.

There’s something in the soul.

That responds to the Holy Spirit,

Reminding us of the baby,

Born over two thousand years ago,

That’s changing lives still.

There’s something in the face.

That’s mirrored on each one here,

For maybe we can understand,

That Christmas takes its place,

In the Christian’s heart and soul.

                  -dfav 12/11/16


To Honor Our Veterans of Pearl Harbor Day

This image was pinned from the internet.  Original artist wasn’t given.  

That flag you’re stomping on?
That flag you’ve burned?
That protesting you’re doing?
That choice you made and voted?
The church you’re attending?
Or the one that you’re not?
The lifestyle you’re living?
Just in case you’ve forgot,
Your life of freedoms?
It didn’t come for free.
We don’t always get it right,
We’re going to disagree,
But one thing is for certain,
Our lives didn’t come to us free.
People have given,
Sometimes their all,
To assure our tomorrow
Thousands have taken the ultimate fall.
Respect their sacrifice if nothing else,
Refrain from expressing contempt,
For them and the country who’s military
Paid and pays for the freedoms you’ve kept.
Honor our Pearl Harbor veterans today.
Both those alive and those not,
Say a word of gratitude please,
Or at least refrain from bashing the lot.
        dfav 12/7/16


It was a Miracle

It was a miracle,
Make no mistake.
A virgin should be with child?
Who’d believe such a thing?
A nation awaiting a coming king?
They should have.
But, most didn’t.

It was a miracle,
Of that be sure.
A man devoted to God agreed to wed,
A woman because God said.
Should’ve reminded He wasn’t dead.
It should have
But few really listened.

It was a miracle,
Yes, how true.
A teenage mom would give birth,
God’s son would come to earth,
Mankind would know his worth.
They should’ve known,
Few paid attention.

Over two thousand years ago,
A baby born, destined to die,
At 33 would die upon a cross,
But that wouldn’t be a total loss,
He’d rise again death’s chains toss,
And everyone should listen,
It’s time to know.

It was a miracle,
Please don’t doubt,
Hear the message with your soul,
Feel the message don’t let go,
Ask God what is your role,
In examining hearts,
While His story unfolds.
              dfav 12/7/16


From the Cottage-by-the-Sea, #20, God’s Abilities

The situation is dire,
Calls for a real life hero.
But, all I can muster up,
Rates a big ole’ zero,
Until, I’m reminded,
We can’t, God can.
We won’t, God will.
We falter, God stands.

Circumstances are bleak,
Budget stretched tight,
Then diaster falls again,
Will it ever be alright?
Then I’m reminded,
We stumble, God holds steady,
We whimper, God speaks.
We’re selfish, God is ready.

The path seems hidden,
Lost in the dark.
All light seems drown,
Then comes the spark,
As a voice reminds me again,
We regret, God weaves rest.
We give up, God keeps on.
We’re uncertain, God knows best.

Love seems absent,
As if it abandoned us,
Left us wounded and alone,
God is as He always was,
Shedding high His illumination,
We cry, God bottles our tears.
We reach up, God stoops down,
Holding true all these years.

Still comes whispers,
Those of discontent.
‘Til I’m reminded in my pride,
Reasons I must repent.
For I like all sin, God forgives,
As we hurt, God heals.
As we take, God presents.
Our soul can bear God’s seal.
          dfav 12/6/16