Why does it appear to be,

That some Christian’s are,

So much more happy than me?
Do their bodies never sicken,

Are their skies always blue,

Do their children always listen?
Do their families never fight,

Does everyone eat their veggies?

Somehow that image isn’t right.
Is their faith so much stronger

Have I compromised my soul?

You tarry how much longer?
Life’s not “safe” for anyone,

How do we keep on existing,

‘Til we’re silenced or done?
Don’t understand the smouldering hate,

Dripping from hands and hastening feet,

Don’t understand why I’ve waited too late.
Why pretend it’s of this world, and okay

When will we come to our senses?

And with You usher in a brighter day?
Meanwhile all I know for sure to do,

Is cling tightly to You the living God,

Because only You can be You.

                             dfav 7/28/16


A Final Tribute to my Friend

In loving memory of Richard Reid.

My dear friend has passed away,

He’s with Jesus this very day,

He left behind a family strong,

Who miss him and it feels so wrong.

We must pray for them everyday,

That’s the legacy he passed our way.

I tell myself he’s better off at Home,

This fickle world now for him gone,

Though I miss him everyday,

In a hundred different ways,

There are folks who miss him more,

I pray for grace to never shut the door,

On memories though some be bittersweet,

His walk is now on Heavenly streets,

Yes, His time on earth is through,

Now his time is spent God, with You.

                        dfav 7/25/16


Living in this Moment

Help me live in this moment,

Be fully present in this time.

Let me look into another’s heart,

And see Your love entwined.

Help me be Your servant,

To love as You do love,

Being Your willing vessel,

Pointing to You up above.

Use my life to testify,

Your glory can come through,

No matter what the circumstances,

We must trust totally in You.

                       dfav 7/25/16


Facing the Headlines

O Mighty God,

Every thing seems incomplete,

Every night I’ve lain awake,

This concern can’t be faked,

For humans die by human hands.

Oh, everyone has their excuse,

They’ve been robbed so much before,

Everyone’s out to even the score,

But with all this revenge no one wins.

Innocent and guilty die the same,

A gunshot, a bomb, wrong place and time,

Fear pulls death’s card no reason no rhyme,

And across the world things get sicker.

Oh, dear Holy Father, hear my prayer,

Come quickly before it’s too late,

Going home my anticipated fate,

I wait patiently for You at my door.

                                 dfav 7/25/16


How Big is our God?

How big is our God?

How strong and how wise?

How generous His spirit?

How does He make the sun rise?

How did He decide sky blue?

How loving is His nature true?

How much does He love us?

How other can He show you?
Our God is bigger than the universe,

Stronger and wiser in every way,

He couldn’t be more generous,

He sent His Son to die that day.

Every color ever imagined,

His heart embraces every hue,

That empty tomb is the best gift,

One our God gives to me and you.
Imagine this life has ended,

You wait patiently to go,

His calm voice telling you,

Exactly what He already knows.

Our God is bigger,

Than even our grief,

When death comes stalking,

Like a thief.

                      dfav 7/14/16


For Richard

If you have a few minutes today, please pray for my dear friend and brother in Christ, Richard.  Also for his wife, three grown children and the rest of his family.  Richard suffered a massive heart attack and has no brain activity on the left side.

Our brother in Christ is ill,

We’re bringing it to the throne,

Despite the miles that separate,

The prayer chain must go on.

Our God is the great Physician,

He heals in many ways,

We pray for miraculous healing,

And wait for what God has to say.

We must trust in the Lord completely,

He knows what tomorrow holds,

He’s always here with us,

His promises  better than gold.

Touch what’s broken in our friend,

Heal those things deep within,

Comfort him and his family,

Bring us all together again.

                             dfav 7/13/16


Cottage-by-the-Sea, #11, 7/6/16

Abba Father:

You are the Lord God Almighty, 

Knowing every hair upon my head,

As You know each grain of sand,

Swept to and fro by every wave,

Like every breeze off the ocean grand.

You are my loving Abba, my God.

Praises to You forevermore for who You are.
Security lived in this sweet assurance,

Keeps me content with what I have.

Though the world might mock me,

A life built upon the Rock stands,

For Jesus is the Cornerstone come see,

On sunny days or storms He stays,

There is no God but Him.
Let our ears tune to hear His voice,

The faintest whisper to our hearts,

Focusing hard upon staying true to Him,

So our feet may not falter again,

When life’s sorrows make the Son dim,

His truth is still the absolute,

Hold on until the storm breaks.

                                 dfav 7/6/16


Hold On

Hold on until the storm breaks,

Though it grow worse before better.

Hold on until the lightening quiets,

And thunder doesn’t make you quake.

Hold on until the rain relents,

From downpour to mist to none.

Hold on until you can lift your head,

Don’t fear the broken and the dents.

Hold on and pray for the way,

He’ll help you fix it or rebuild.

Hold on even if you are discouraged,

The Son will bring another day.

Hold on until you see Heaven’s gates,

Until the Father calls you home,

Hold on for this life isn’t all to living,

Eternity beacons with no end dates.

Hold on despite what is now,

Be it happy or terribly hard to bear.

Hold on Jesus is coming again,

Through this hang on somehow.

                                           dfav 7/5/16




Among nations?

Groups of people?


Will it ever be?


When Jesus,

Raptures His people,

The foretold fulfilled,

Prophecies come true,

This earth slips away.

Jesus ushers in,

A new Jerusalem,

This world is gone,

Mankind is returned,

To his Creator.

                       dfav 7/1/16