We Shall Know Him

We shall see Him
We shall see Him
Coming down through the sky
We shall see Him
We shall see Him
He will call us to His side.

We shall praise Him
We shall praise Him
Our Lord who His life He did sacrifice
We shall praise Him
We shall praise Him
Our Lord who on the cross did die.

We shall know Him
We shall know Him
In a way we’ve not before
We shall know Him
We shall know Him
When we walk through Heaven’s door.

We shall know Him
We shall know Him
When we seek Him with our hearts
We shall know Him
We shall know Him
When we know Him with our hearts.
d.f.a.v. 9/19/14

Come and Praise


Come with joy before the Lord!
Dance and sing with all within you!
Raise your voice in jubilee
Praise the Lord in every way you know!
Present yourself before the throne
Open yourself to the Spirit’s flow,
Let your laughter echo loud
Worship God in freedom bold!
Come before Christ our Savior
Come now before Him leave your load
Yes! Laugh and dance enthusiastically
Present yourself to the God you know.
Let no dishonesty cross your lips
Follow His Spirit praise His yes and no.
              d.f.a.v. 9/18/14

Daughter, on Turning Thirteen

Dear Daughter;
Would be so nice to tell you
That life will always be kind
If you do this or if you do that
But life has its own thing in mind.

Heart breakers don’t have “a look”
A road may not take you where you want to go
Sometimes every seemingly right turns wrong
While the least expected one may love you so.

Why learning to find square roots is necessary
Or best friends have to move away
The direction to go isn’t easily determined
Or how to avoid “horrible, rotten, no good days”.

All the answers, cautions, warnings
Won’t prevent you from mistakes and consequences
But God will be with you every step
He will be by you, a friend forever relentless.

Life can be messy Daughter, and sweet
Learn to trust God within you to see
That some heartaches can be avoided if you do
Other things, like square roots, just have to be.
                  D.f.a.v. 9/17/14
a.k.a.:  Mama

Conversation With God

“Lord, I love You”
I said with gusto.
“Lead me to serve You,
To follow You wherever You go..”

“Go and feed my sheep,
Feed their souls
Though you lose sleep
My story must be told.”
For a moment I’m stunned
How can I do anymore?
Has He forgotten I’m limited
There aren’t many doors?

Knowing my thoughts God replied
“My child you’ve given up
You see only what closed
Open Your eyes, sip from My cup.

Take what you see as little
And give it Your absolute best
Use words to craft and whittle
So others I can bless.”

The truth wasn’t easy to hear
Though I had bowed my head
Though God was near
I forgot the power in what is read.

“Lord, I love You”
I said with conviction
“Whatever You need me to do
I’ll set course through my depression. “

As our conversation closed
I realized this fact
Our God uses the broken
For He values truth over act.

Open your ears and eyes
Read with your heart
God is so great there is no disguise
He is life’s sanctuary part.

Acknowledge within your soul
All  the questions you secretly store
Make letting God answer your goal
Trust in Him He will open your doors.
             d.f.a.v. 9/16/17


Thankful for so many things

Sadly I’ve taken for granted

Until without those very things

My eyes opened to my callousness

That kept my heart from seeing.


Things so present I’ve forgotten

What a blessing they truly are

Even when it seems all is rotten

Air to breath even if I struggle

Life to live through ups and downs.


Thankful for so many things

Quiet time in prayer and thought

Love symbolized by a wedding ring

Work we’ve done to keep it there

Because “divorce is not an option”.


Thankful for each little thing

That opens me to challenges

Because they mean life is still going

Water, sun and fuel that lets

The seeds and plants keep growing.


Thankful Lord for this reminder

That even with its struggles

Life can be found in details finer

Than wealth, beauty and perfect lives

It’s the hearts treasures that matter.

        d.f.a.v. 9/15/14




How full my heart
How dark the night
How low the tide
How deep the fright.

How clever evil ‘s ways
How cunning it be
How quickly the strike
How blindly I see.

How manipulative the loss
How complete the plan
How deceptive the lies
How naive is this woman.

How quiet Your Word
How honesty reveals
How banished the dark
How Christ does appeal.

How bright is the Son
How clear He shines
How strong His defense
How His victory defines.

How plain is His truth
How honest His heart
How sure is His promise
How pure is His art.

How sweet this reminder
How peaceful the rest
How calm is the slumber
How much I am blest.
               –d.f.a.v.  9/11/14


Faith lets you cry
Gives you permission
To admit your defeat
Allows you to be broken
Unsure of the darkness.

Then Faith responds
To the still small voice
To the touch of God’s hand
On your shoulder
And you take His hand.

Faith in Him swells
Rises bit by bit
Until stronger than before
The Son’s light breaks
And Faith is freed.
              D.f.a.v.  9 / 9/14

Restaurant Life

If life were a restaurant

Could we dine á la carte?

Would we receive menus

To choose as we like?

Not very hungry to experience it all

Could we order an appetizer?

A few small experiences

Without truly committing or

Awaken a hunger for more?

Or is life something lived

Without fears or tears?

Can we choose easy paths only

Or to prove ourselves tough?

To live life in poverty or in wealth?

To always have poor or good health?

Can we choose our ancestors?

Or exchange our DNA?

Choose to start simple

Or in any way we would like?

Can we decide on the way

Life will test us or leave us alone?

Or the tests, dates, or courses?

In silence or song?

Is there a list of sides

From which we can choose?

Do we get to pick one or two?

Here would we have opportunity

To be bold or be safe?

Spicy or hot down to mild?

To know what’s behind

Choice one, two or three?

Will the chef be to our liking

Will they be professionally trained?

Or someone to who

It’s only a job?

The ingredients will they be fresh?

Or will we wonder about the dish?

Can we order the destination

Where each choice will lead us

The mountains to climb or

Or the valley’s situations?

Life’s not without choices

We can choose wisely or rash.

Much about life can’t be decided

Or bought regardless of cash.

Sure some things we can choose

But some things we can’t

One thing for certain

There are results we can’t pick.

Consequences or the after effects

But one thing we can choose

And that is to say yes to Christ

Then we can choose everyday

To let Him set the course

And know with His picks

Even the most dismal of meals

He can make brilliant in time

From the worst of the worst.

    d.f.a.v. 9/8/14


Cottage by the Sea 9/5/14


Abba Father :
Wasted and spent days, same with the nights
Always knowing in my heart things aren’t right.
Early in each morning as I rise
My whole being heaves a sigh.
I stare at the ocean, eyes on the waves
Sailboats and swimmers, me in my cave.
Sun is so hot and it’s too bright to read
Soon the pressure inside me falls like beads.
I see the door stands open to our room
Choking it feels like I’m assigned to my doom.
Then as the sun sets in the East
My heart feels ravaged by the beast.
Night comes slow then quick upon me
The tears in my eye won’t let me see.
You’ve not stirred from behind the door
Waiting patiently You stay there
some more.
I stare out the window where the ocean still waves
Can’t see it well though like I can in the day.
Just like You though it waits for me
Will I call upon You to give me strength to see?
Lord, I know what is there to be explored
If I wanted to deal with it would it I ignore?
Your voice calls to me, You widen the gap at the door.
I go to You quietly, sobbing, weakened and more.
How can I face You if I’m afraid of the truth?
When the depression fills me to the roof?
Please understand I can’t see a way through
I don’t want for things to be this way true.
Please restore me my laughter and joy!
Help me believe beyond what this disease destroys.
I can’t find my way through this darkness,
Comprised of my feeling so much less.
The greatest fear being my faith fails this test,
And how dare I question this and the rest?
Who am I to whimper cause I don’t understand?
When You’ve carved my name in the palm of Your hand?
Revive in me the spirit to try, try, try
The spirit that despite everything is still alive.
Can we sit here in silence for a while
Be my strength to cling to You one more mile.
                    D.f.a.v. 9/5/14

Now I Know

When do I know Lord
The reason You’ve given me
These talents?
These gifts?
Pictures drawn
Paintings painted
Poems written
What good are they
Unseen, unread?
Why create in me
These desires to create
And no audience?
Let it be enough Lord
To create for You
My audience for one
Let them be expressions
Of my love and worship
Of my desire to please You.
Now, I know the purpose
Of my gifts
                   – d.f.a.v.  9/2/14