Outskirts of Heaven


Sunlight dances through spring green leaves,
See the branches breathing, the air hums with life,
Even the sand beneath His very feet,
Whisper Hosanna as they open their paths,
The outskirts of Heaven, I’ve reached them at last.

Beyond the branches and sunlight,
The water streaks silver, rose and gold,
A sun warmed stone beckons for me to come rest,
Out in the middle of these very fast currents,
I should panic but there’s His calm assurance.

Steadily into the water He carries me,
Hospital bed left behind for I’m safe in his arms,
Though I’m afraid of water and should be afraid,
In His arms I know I can’t come to harm,
His heart beats beneath my ear, no alarm.

Liquid healing rushes over my legs,
I sleep and I wake and I’m never alone,
Somewhere nearby birds sing with words,
The days and nights, they come and go,
Jesus loves me, this miracle tells me so.

When ICU is over and I’ve a regular room,
Jesus stops coming like He’d been,
I understand now I’m going to be okay,
But I treasure the hours He spent with me,
On the outskirts of Heaven, Jesus healed me.
             d.f.a.v.  3/27/15

As Night Has Fallen


The night fell quiet across the glade,
Evening breezes sweep darkened shades.
Heat has risen as the sun fades from day,
Crispness crept to steal the warmth away.
A silence floods me aware again
Of how slender the thread of life has always been.
No one knows when their departure comes
But we know it comes to everyone.
Stars twinkle down from velvet dark plum skies
The moon holds high it’s watchful eyes.
And looking down God smiles at me,
His presence dwelling deep within my heart,
A sweet reminder we will never part.
What peace He’s given to fill my heart,
In times of good or bad news He never departs.
What greater God, Father, Friend?
Than the One who was, is, and always been.
He stands by me even when I’m wrong,
His heart hears my souls song.
And as night falls on time here,
My God has never been so dear.
                   d.f.a.v.  3/23/14


We All Face Goliath

)When David faced off with Goliath,
No one thought he could win,
He declined all of Saul’s fancy armour,
Saying His God would settle it all.
So he picked up his sling and five river stones,
And went to face Goliath built like a human wall.
Then in the end, David, the little guy wins,
Goliath’s mouth no longer can spin.

When Job lost everything that he owned,
Even his sons and daughters lay dead,
His cattle, his barns and his servants,
Destroyed like dust in the wind.
When even his own health was taken,
Job trusted God to reveal they were still friends.
Though his wife said curse God and die
Job proved he was wise and kept God first in his eyes.

Peter, waited around in the shadows,
Knowing just who He’d denied,
Three times before the trial was over,
Just as Jesus had prophesied.
Lower than he’d ever felt before,
Peter thought he’d never again walk by Christ’s side.
But with the preparation of Our Father,
Peter was restored and forgiven like no other.

I’ve faced difficult situations in my life, Lord.
Goliath’s, destitution and betrayal my struggles too.
You’ve always been loyal and forgiving,
Always had my back though I’m undeserving.
Those witnesses of Your glory and might,
Even I in my poor attempts to imitate You,
Know beyond this life’s misery and woes,
We’ll celebrate our arrival in ways our hearts don’t yet know.
                   d.f.a.v.  3/23/15
- – – Donna

Not My Will But Your’s Lord

Not my will but Your’s, Lord.
Not my will but Your’s.
This is my heart’s sincerest prayer,
Not my will but Your’s.

Even though I leave no great legacy.
Even though I leave just me.
May someone read my life and see,
I’ve given You the best of me.

Let my tears fall in prayer dear, Lord.
Let my tears pour out for You.
When the breaths are hard to take,
Let my tears pour out for You.

May Your grace cloak me, Lord.
May Your grace carry through.
When the light begins to fade away,
May Your grace carry through.

Not my will but Your’s, Lord.
Not my will but Your’s.
This is my heart’s sincerest prayer,
Not my will but Your’s.
                      d.f.a.v.  3/23/15

I Will Testify


What on earth am I leaving behind, God?
What will say, “I was here. I existed.”?
Here fell my tears,
These were my fears?

Will it be a cold granite tombstone?
Eventually visited by few, then by none?
A marker, not a song.
A grave, for how long?

Wanted to do something meaningful, Lord.
Write the great American novel.
Testify to Your existence.
Champion Your persistence.

Here I am Lord, nearing the end.
All I have is You who I cling to without apology.
You’re my meaning.
You’re my very being.

The veil between Heaven and Earth,
It’s thinner, finer, more delicate than we realize.
Walk me on, Lord.
To the crosswalk of this world.

If I leave nothing else to mark my life.
Nothing else to express who I was.
Let it be Your example.
Let it be a living sample.
           d.f.a.v. 3/19/15

He’s our Hope

Abba, You blessed me today,
Against all the odds,
All I’d been able to do,
Was weep and pray,
But You said in You,
Hope never died,
I chose to cling on,
To see what You’d do,
And when the word came,
My tears dried away,
You gave me a miracle,
I’ll never be the same.
Never again will I doubt,
That my needs are too big,
Or to suffer is all I can do,
Or pain is what I’m about.
Drive the stake so, so deep,
Mark this day Holy Ground,
For God touched my life,
Satan met with defeat,
O praise to Our Lord!
Sing songs and dance!
How great is our God!
May my gratitude be poured,
As a drink offering to Him!
Lift your hands up with me!
Shout your praise to His wind!
To the Light in a world so grim!
             d.f.a.v. 3/18/15

Cottage by the Sea #8- 3/17/15

Abba Father:
In this secret room the sun peeks no more this day,
The stars and the moon shadows do cast,
And You’ve come to me in the quivering silence,
As yesterday and today rode to perceived victory at last.

Indifference, blindness and uncaring have risen,
Draining hope and bright joy in their wake,
But, Joy will come with the light of the morning,
Peace will silence the doubts and none ever forsake.

Though bitter tears fall all around me,
Self-pity and preservation make their presence known,
Jesus is forever my hearts firm foundation,
Before Him all evil will soon have to have flown.

Holding out for the sunrise rays break over the sea,
Keeping my hand held up though waves cover my head,
God is my ever present help in all troubles,
It’s written in the Bible, a Psalm I have often have read.*

Yes, joy will arrive like a ship cresting the waves,
Hope will guide the ship right to my shore,
Satan can hold me captive in darkness no longer,
For long ago Jesus came knocking and I opened the door.

No matter how black the darkest midnight,
Nor how ugly the howls and scratches of the wind,
Regardless the havoc and curses Satan may be barking,
Joy comes in the morning when God’s mark you bear through the end.
d.f.a.v. 3/16/15
*Psalm 30:5

I Know Why the Elephant Cries


I know why the elephant cries Lord,
Why her eyes well up with tears,
The reason she trumpets so sadly,
I know what it is the elephant fears.

God, she bears her weight with dignity,
Living under Your amazing grace,
Toiling on with a tremendous burden,
Such a pain laced look on her face.

In the ring at the circus she teeters,
On a ball she barely can see,
Stepping through sawdust and glitter,
Dreaming of when the pain sets her free.

In habitats in zoos of cities and towns,
She cares for and cuddles her young,
While visitors point and laugh at her bulk,
Never a thought for the insults they’ve flung.

Even out on the plaines of Africa,
Where as part of a herd she exists,
It’s a constant fight to be heard,
Easy to lose though she resists.

The reason the Elephant cries Lord,
Is that her own body won’t set her free.
For her bulk and her strength and her injury,
Are thorns of evil she feels but can’t see.

Tears roll for the misunderstandings,
For the rejection and neglect of man,
Because she’ll can’t be free of her thorns,
Really able to be all she possibly can.

Tears trace down her wrinkled cheeks,
Trinkling they splash off her chin,
And she looks at me in the mirror,
Knowing this sickness will win.

This world has no place for the bulky,
No forgiveness for baggy, graying skin,
No grasp of the pain of the hurting,
What it’s like when you can’t win.

I know why it is the elephant cries Lord,
When she knows no one is around,
For it’s in these unguarded moments,
When truth can surely be found.

Life’s taken her as some sacrifice,
For reasons not really that clear,
‘Tis the cross called to carry,
Bore ’til the Savior says, “Come here”.
                  d.f.a.v. 3/15/15



Generic prayers are broad safety nets.
Prayers we pray so we don’t miss anybody.
Ones we send up when our time is crunched,
And we did promise we’d pray for somebody.
Quick one liners tacked on at lunch.
I wonder if they’re effective?
Do you?

Menu prayers are a fast prayer stable.
We appear before the menu and order,
Those things we’re lacking or fighting,
Not only for ourselves but for others we mutter,
These please help her, please touch him, fill in the blanks,
I wonder if they effective?
Do you?

All occasion prayers look lovely,
We can shop at Prayermark for
someone’s words
Grammatically correct and well written,
One’s duty is done, we can move on-not be bored,
Read it quickly and carry on
I wonder if they’re effective?
Do you?
                 d.f.a.v. 3/12/15

Cottage by the Sea #7


Abba Father :
I wanted to give up today.
Plea with You to take me away.
It was hard not to give up.
Hard to sip from this bitter cup.
But I prayed instead for You
To bless me in what I do.
And Your grace was sufficient.
Your love was magnificent.
So for today I didn’t give up
I drank again from the bitter cup.
Outside the rain has pounded down,
Lightening has struck all around.
You held me secure in You arms,
So I forgot all passing harms.
Thank You Lord,
                   d.f.a.v.  3/10/15