Love, Faith, Purpose, God


As wonderful as it is,
As beautiful as it can feel,
As right as it can be when real,
Love can’t exist,
Without God,
Without Faith.

Believes with a whole heart,
Believes regardless of the no’s,
Believes regardless of the woes,
Faith can’t exist,
Without God,
Without Purpose.

Someone/thing to have Faith in,
Someone/thing to love,
Someone/thing from God above,
Purpose can’t exist,
Without Love, Faith, or,
Without God.

Who created all good things,
Who made Adam, created Eve,
Who designed a world to interweave,
With God, the I Am,
Who is always all three.
dfav 10/06/15

What Love Looks Like

Love looks like a mother,
Tense and worn,
Being up all day and night,
Doing all she can for her sons life,
Making sure he’s treated right.
Or a drawn father’s face,
Hospital and work,
Knowing soon his son,
Might need him more than now,
Being sure it all gets done.

Love looks like his girlfriend,
Who is there,
Every second she can be,
A source of strength and peace,
To all who look and see.

His friends and family show love,
In the ways they can,
Positive believers in his love for them,
They find ways to prove it back,
Because of their love for him.

Love looks like those who are praying,
God will win,
When they pray for him and look to heaven,
Rebuking Satan and knowing what God can do,
Even though we pass by day seven.

And love can look,
Like his girl’s family,
Who are invested in both her and him,
Her sister sleeping beside her overnight,
In the NICU waiting room to be near them

But mostly love looks like,
A pair of nail-scarred hands,
Stretched out on a cross, resurrected from the grave,
Jehovah-Rapha’s, the Lord of our healing.
Through Him we will be brave.
              dfav 10/5/15
— Donna

Please continue to pray for Keaton Fallin  who remains in a coma since September 25, 2015.  The acts of love we witness each day remind me of how much God moves through us to love on each other.

A Prayer for Keaton


O great Master Physician,
This prayer is in a young man’s behalf,
An injured one who You’ve brought this far.
You know our hearts, our hopes and griefs,
Every remembered smile, tear and laugh.
Why, Dear God, does it take tragedy like this,
To remind us of the most important things?
To put down our cell phones for conversation,
Because what we share we’d sorely miss.
Lord, Keaton is hurt and we’ve prayed to You,
Asking for healing, that You’d see him through.
You’ve done so much already I know,
Still there’s more we need You to do,
Before this journey is complete,
You’ll grant him and us another miracle,
Wake him now from his deep, deep slumber,
We claim healing, rebuke all that could mean defeat.
Restore him one hundred percent,
We rebuke any negative from coming near,
He is Your son above any of our relationships,
A reason to You this prayer is sent.
Please heal Keaton Father, by Your grace,
Restore him to us this is our plea,
Let us pray for what is Your will,
I confess Lord, I want him to wake to see familiar faces.
And finally Lord, I ask this miracle healing,
Let it be as if it never had been,
Please wake him soon if it be Your will,
Meanwhile Abba, we will keep on praying.
                     dfav 9/30/15


Cody’s Prayer for Keaton
Mom and Gram’s say Keaton wreck,
They tell me he is hurt bad.
So God, I pray for him.
          Cody,  age 4

Keaton was injured in a single vehicle accident on September 25. 2015.  He’s improved greatly.  God has blessed us.  Please join us for Keaton’s complete healing.

Cottage-by-the-Sea #26 9/30/15


Abba Father:
O Master of the Universe,
Source and Creator of us all!
Being so amidst every element,
Makes me feel so small.
The sea waves are pounding,
Advancing up and down the shore,
Needing close, I sit at covered door,
Amazed by You more and more.
The sound alone is powerful,
Reaching quickly to who I am,
Tunes my heart to You alone,
For You are You, man but man.
Waves so wild and unpredictable,
Swipes shores clean of my defeat,
They clear the land and air,
Remove the stench of my retreats.
Whipping winds pull and push,
But harbor sought I in Your arms,
Where the storm dare not touch,
My soul truly safe from all harm.
Thank You, Lord for Your Sea,
For storms that rage and those sweet,
Where lessons of life are taught,
Along the Sea of Victory and Defeat.
You alone deserve all gratitude,
I praise You to the deepest depths,
Receive my heart’s worship true,
To You it goes, oh please accept!
            dfav 9/30/15

I’m Not a Betting Woman


The situation isn’t pretty,
Thinking of it fills me with dread,
In Vegas the odds would weigh heavy,
The next few days are already read.
But, see, I’m not a betting woman,
Don’t believe in luck at all,
I’m already on my knees and praying,
God won’t let us tumble and fall.
Life, yes, it’s unpredictable, I agree,
Bad things happen to everyone,
But lucky numbers, shoes and hats?
Make no difference under the sun.
That’s why, I’m no betting woman,
Don’t believe in luck at all,
I’m already on my knees and praying,
God hears me when I call.
Go ahead and place your bets,
Wage money, silver and gold,
Place your trust in mediums,
Then watch ’til all the story unfolds.
Me? I’ll remain right steady,
No bets, no consultation, no luck at all,
I trust in the power of prayer,
To the Lord God who loves us all.
No, I’m not a betting woman,
Who cares what the odds are today?
But, I’m on my knees, the truth is set,
God and faith, they don’t play.
dfav 9/28/15


Due to copyright issues I can’t use the Sunrise Over the Cotton Fields photo.   This photo is used by the permission of Martha Gaston Stewart.


Gorgeous sunrise picture over a little town,
A place of small population perhaps past it’s prime,
Once barely a mail-stop the cart drove through,
Sleepy little farming community it’s crops renownn.

Sunrise casts it’s morning rays over drying brown stalks,
Topped with snow white cotton for harvest,
Such beauty my eyes see that my breath catches,
Memories of Gone With the Wind come to bring fault.

Oh, my, there are some who can’t see beyond the cotton,
And the wicked wrongness often wrought,
To produce that field of cotton, money,
A time in history not to be easily forgotten.

If one lifts their eyes to the sunrise splendor,
To the vibrancy God has for this day, this time,
One remembers Christ died upon a cross,
His arising from the dead we’re asked to remember.

There’s no eraser made to wipe out our deeds,
No easy way to ignore what once was true,
Much erasing occurs when Christ love is applied,
And greater still the righting grows stronger with these seeds.
             dfav 9/24/15

Daughter, I Ask

Photo source unknown.

Daughter I ask,
Throw open windows to the breath of Truth,
Eliminate your heart of all the shadows,
Ask Me to melt away sins chains,
To flood your soul with Sonshine,
While praying your heart is refreshed with Holy rain.

Dare allow Me to light each nook and cranny,
My Spirit’s swirling to blow away cobwebs,
While your neglected shelves have order returned,
Recognize My power when you but ask,
In My will is much for which you’ve always yearned.

Daughter, how I love you so much!
With love deeper and truer than any man.
Don’t leave while things are halfway restored.
Trust me and I will show you the way,
With steps sure and true, ones not easily ignored.
             dfav 9/24/15

Cottage-by-the-Sea #25 9/23/15


Abba Father:
Before the sun rose this morning, I did.
Getting as close to the water’s edge as I could get,
My chair goes, pushed, with such ease.
Watching as a hint of color tints the horizon,
Deep desire to be close enough to the sea I’m wet.
My soul opens up, seeking You as You please.
There’s no where I can be hid,
Even if that’s what I sought, but, it isn’t.

You have swiped Your hand, across the sky.
Your painters palate beautifully displayed,
My heart does what my feet cannot,
Gliding on a path of reflected hues,
I find myself a part of the wonder arrayed,
Praise You, Abba, Your daughter is not forgot,
Although I will always wonder why.
You love someone like me.

Oh, what joy in my heart unfolds and grows,
Becoming one with the beauty You created,
Who has pushed me here to acknowledge You, Creator?
I couldn’t before, nor do I now.
My heart never again can forget such love displayed.
Let Your love shine in, silence the haters.
For in this sunrise love is all it knows.
I praise You, Lord, for reminding me.

Oh, praise You, Lord, the I Am!
Praise You, Abba, the Healer.
Praise You, Almighty, forever and ever.
Praise You, My Shepherd, for Your guidance.
Praise You, Sweet Savior, Lord of all, forever.
Praise You, Master, help me forsake You never.
Praise You, O Holy One, the Gentle Lamb.
Praise You for Your love, mercy and grace.
        dfav 9/23/15

Love is Here


The aroma of chocolate in German chocolate cake,
Two nine-inch rounds of warm, moist, perfectly baked chocolate,
Baked from scratch without a written recipe,
My all-time favorite melt-in-mouth cake,
Bake it for my birthday, Christmas, anytime cake,
Caramel, coconut, pecan luscious frosting,
I’m eight, spend all my money to win Mama’s cake at the fair,
Here love is found, here love is found.

The smell of freshly baking biscuits,
A cookie sheet full, perfectly round circles,
Cut with a recycled Vienna sausage can,
Except for one triple-sized “Daddy” biscuit,
And one half-size “Baby Sister” biscuit,
Bacon frying, grits simmering, eggs being scrambled,
I’m twelve, p. j. clad, wiping sleep from my eyes,
Here love is found, here love is found.

The scent of deep-fried special occasion only chicken,
Between oil and chicken affording it is hard,
Took an hour to get the oil hot enough,
Calling dibs on the legs and wings,
Daddy wants the other parts, no wings,
Potato salad, deviled eggs, baked beans,
I’m sixteen and Mama’s food is about all we share,
Here love is found, here love is found.

Aroma of Mama’s preparing her chicken and dressing,
Chicken stewing on the stove with herbs,
Cornbread browning in the oven just right,
Onions, breadcrumbs, poultry seasoning,
All the ingredients, her secrets and other perfect “seasoning”,
Everyone will be feasting with this one dish,
I’m twenty-two aghast she added Cayenne pepper!
Here love is found, here love is found.

Smell of Thanksgiving dinner with “The Dressing”,
Turkey, sweet potato casserole, corn, mac-n-cheese,
Extra cornbread browning in the oven,
Deviled eggs and potato salad in the frig,
Mama’s recipes, only I’m cooking, my oven and frig,
I’m thirty-three, cooking for our first holiday and the in-law’s,
Her recipes from her head, my memories, into my computer.
Here love is found, here love is found.

Smell of other people’s food drifting,
Through the house with chatter after the funeral,
Her funeral, our Mama’s funeral, ’cause she is gone,
Conversation turns to her food, her cooking,
Cakes, mashed potatoes, biscuits, her cooking,
Everyone has a story, weddings catered, birthdays,
I’m thirty-five and it hurts to hear, to remember.
Here love is found, here love is found.

Familiar aromas have wafted through our home,
My family and friends talk about my from scratch carrot cake,
They plea with me for Grams/my dressing,
Mama loved mine better than her own dressing,
I’m fifty-one and Hospice comes almost daily,
My death will be no surprise and I pass recipes to our daughter,
Here love is found, here love is found.

I awaken to the smell of Mama’s biscuits baking,
Bacon frying, coffee brewing, and I’m confused,
I’m alone no one is here and no biscuits baking,
All day I smell them and I think I’m losing my mind.
Or is this medication playing tricks with my mind?
Then my Hospice nurse arrives and I ask,
“Do you smell biscuits baking? ” And I explain.
Here love is found. Here love is found.

When I’ve met Jesus, and the initial welcome home is done,
I’ll walk arm-in-arm with Mama to home within home,
Where’s there’s a pan of love in the oven.
Biscuits and dressing in the oven.
God’s love has sight, aroma, sound, feel,
I’m seeing Him, smelling, feeling safe in his Him.
Here love is found. Here love is found.
dfav 9/20/15

Prayer and I


Prayer and I sat out this sunny day,
To see humanity what they would say.
First we came upon this lovely man,
With gracious manners and calloused hands.
He responded to our quest to pray for him,
To tell us of his painful, secret sin,
An addiction to porn he couldn’t forever defeat,
Where Satan has him often in full retreat.
Never a sweeter man who desired the Lord,
Yet strangled by a trap of this world.
Second we came upon a single mother,
Dropping kids off at school, tough cookies together.
The father wouldn’t pay his child support,
He only laughed at her when she went to report,
She’s tired and lonely but God is her rock,
She pushes negative aside keeps an eye on the clock.
God assures her she’s not forgotten,
And she asks us to pray for her ex for he’s not all rotten.
Third man we meet says he’s no use for God,
Followed up by how we’re so odd.
He goes on and mentions he has cancer,
But he’s not frightened, oh no, no Sir.
He’s a self made man through and through,
He’ll rejoin the dust pay what’s due.
Prayer and I turn to the church, sit on a pew,
Lord, I don’t know how to thank You.
Each person we met had a spiritual need,
So we’ll sit for a moment pray for the seeds.
Thank You for allowing us this privilege,
To walk, pray, stand in the gap, and be a bridge.
Isn’t this what part of witnessing is after all?
Seeking the lost, trying to lessen those who fall?
Pointing the way to Jesus the King,
For its in Him we have everything.
               dfav 9/16/15