To the Baby


To the baby laid in a manger
In a stable in a town called Bethlehem
The common man was called
From where they were shepherding
Angels sang the way for them.

To the baby laid in a manger
The Wise Men heard their own call
From their countries far away
A long journey undertaken that night
To this baby inside Bethlehem’s wall.

To the baby brought to the temple
Simon and Anna were called to meet
The baby born to the Virgin Mary
Foretold throughout the Scriptures
The Messiah they gave a lifetime to seek.

To this baby, Jesus, we too are called
Two thousand years plus since His birth
We can choose to hear His voice
Or we can choose instead to ignore
But our souls know He holds our worth.
                  d.f.a.v.  12/18/14



Across the world in Bethlehem
Stands a place where it is said
Jesus Christ first laid his head
That miraculous night of his birth.

A night lost in a thousand more
When Joseph at the Inn did knock
No rooms here! Gave him a shock.
Stables the birthing room became.

The pains of Mary giving birth
To the biological Son of God and herself then
Were lost among the animals din
Everything within God’s perfect plan.

It has been said for centuries
Messiah came with no place to lay his head
But as I think of that night and what I’ve read
Jesus had the only reservations in town.

God Himself planned far ahead
Planned to get Mary and Joseph to Bethlehem
Nothing on that night was happenstance
This trio followed God’s travel itinerary.

So it is like God works still today
When it seems there is no plan
No rhyme or reason to the race we’ve ran
Until God shows us history from His view.

That’s when it all makes perfect sense
The thoughts of God clear to us become
His plans for us all not just for some
We have our own reservations in man’s tapestry.
                  d.f.a.v.  12/17/14

A Christian Writers Prayer

Dear Lord,
You are the Author and Creator of my life, of all life. You know that being an author isn’t easy. But, I believe writing is a talent You intend to be part of my mission for You.

Today Lord as I touch fingertips to my keyboard create through me characters the reader can’t ever forget. Inspire me to build with words world’s and fictional lives that move people to seek You.

Spark my imagination. Steady my resolve. Dwell in me with Your Holy Spirit so I am a vehicle for the story You want to tell.

Thank You for this gift of writing.


                                          d.f.a.v.  12/14/14

Two Trees

Lights shine a multicolored glow
A few gifts beneath for those we know
Tree stands so straight and strong
It’s 3:53 a.m. and nothing feels wrong.

In my “eyeglasses aren’t on” view
I feel the wonder of a child of two.
Only it isn’t Santa I am looking for
But a taste I’ve received of forevermore.

The gifts don’t matter, they’re not for me
I’ve found my peace at another tree.
A tree cut down to be a cross
Where a Savior would die for all the lost.

Where Jesus stretched out His carpenter’s hands
Blinded eyes took a life on skull shaped land.
Two different trees destined for two separate roles
Each share a part in reaching my soul.

The first shares the glory of Jesus’ birth
Celebration of His coming to earth.
Dressed with symbols of peace and love
Encourages my heart with the Spirit from above.

The second the sacrifice He’d come to be
Initial pain, sorrow and cruelty
Three days later the tide for all men ebbed
Jesus rose alive Death couldn’t keep the dead.

Come to the Christmas tree to celebrate
The joy and wonder of our Savior’s birth
Then kneel at His feet at the cross
Hold onto to Jesus now at all cost.

Falling asleep Christmas lights dance in my eyes
The joy in this season can’t be disguised.
Thank you God for enlightening my soul
Thank you God for being worth more than gold.
d.f.a.v. 12/14/14



One deception changed Adam & Eve’s world
One couple ate the fruit and the plan unfurled
One Satan used a snake whose curse was to crawl
One perfect couple lost Paradise, lost it all.

One spat of jealousy put Abel in the ground
One I Am came calling only Cain was found.
One baby saved from Pharaoh’s decree
One basket floated the way a slave a prince to be.

One promise made to forever redeem man,
One act of obedience nailed to the His cross, feet and hands.
One thought of me and my ugly soul
One plea from me later and I was made whole.

One Savior, one Gift, one eternal offering
One Virgin, one truth, one chance and one King,
One city, one stable, one miracle ahead
One person at a time saved from Hell’s flaming bed.

One Spirit, one Father, one Son
One crucifixion Jesus said it was done
One prayer from each heart from all who believe
One soul seeking God by grace is relieved.
                       d.f.a.v. 12/11/14

Christmas Songs Entwined

“Do you want to build a snowman?”
No, I’m freezing already cold.
Did you “go tell it on the mountain?
Oh no! I’m not sure I truly can.

“Joy to the world..will you “receive your King?”
Can’t squeeze it in now, pencil you another day?
Then perhaps I can count myself in to
“…Come All Ye Faithful” with joy and nature sing?

“Away in a manger” a little child laid
Mary did you know” which way did I go?
“Silent night, holy night” I can feel my soul grow?
“Come on ring those bells” my sin debt is paid.

“What child is this?” I now question.
Will I buy the “Christmas shoes”?
Or is it to be a “Blue, blue, blue Christmas”?
Or a “Silent night, holy night” Christmas situation?

I see now that in that “…little town in Bethlehem”
A star burns so “…high above the trees…”
I’ve heard it now “…with a voice as big as the sea”
The arrival of the Sacrificial Lamb.
                    d.f.a.v.  12/9/14

Christmas Spirit Arrives

Old friends have been dropping in
Sharing stories from way back when
Special moments of Christmas cheer
From those we love far and near.
This time of year when hope glows strong
That the gift in the manger will help you along.
It isn’t the gifts with fancy paper and bows
That truly calm life’s earthly woes.
It is the Christmas spirit who arrives
Lifting your heart for a journey to stay alive.
Old friends have been dropping in
Sharing love that will never end.
d.f.a.v. 12/8/14

Light of Home


There’s always a light guiding you home
Despite the winds and rains that moan.
The further you’ve wandered from this place,
Where you’re accepted when they see your face,
The smaller the pin prick to pull you back,
It’s not like you’re alone or a focal point you lack.
A light in the window, a candle or lamp
Barn lantern or fire or flashlight at camp.
Whatever the instrument that has been lit
God’s love is the source of the flame you get.
If you’re lonely and wounded and feeling alone
God is the light to illuminate your way home.
Trust in His love for you and set your sights
On the light though it be dim or bright.
He’ll guide you home where you long to be
That beautiful place we all strive to see.
                 d.f.a.v.  12/7/14

I Am Not Job

When the losses

And the sorrows

The misunderstandings

And the judgments

Keep piling up on me

This year I heard myself

As I cried out,

“God, I am not Job!”


Job was like near perfect

He focused on doing what

Pleased God with his life

Satan wanted to devour him

Push Job to deny God

God agreed

He lost everything,

“God, I am not Job!”


“I am not Job!”

So I need You

To hold my head

Above the waters

The ones threatening

My very life

I need Your strength

Or I am going under.


“I am not Job!”

It will have to be You

Who keeps me

Who encourages me

You will have to

Be Job in me

Because, “Lord,

I am not Job!”

    d.f.a.v. 12/5/14



Abba Father;
The very first time I saw the ocean
It was darkest night under one street light
Everything looked black and white
Black the ocean and the sand
White the frothy kissed shoreline waves
The unknown to me not a bit scary.

Without fear I waded in awed by what pounded in my ears
This awesome majestic power I couldn’t see
Until someone came wading after me
Laughing at my clear child like joy
Under that one street light we paused
So I could see again what could not really be seen.

The world seems much like the beach that night
Darkness everywhere not one small circle of light
Has evil covered us blocking out what’s right?
I am not joyful there is no glee
This time no one comes to rescue the innocent
The good guys are bad and the bad ones are worse.

Then from a distance moving this way
One tiny flicker from one simple flame
My eyes latch onto it for it whispers my name
Then that light jumps and there are two
The light keeps dividing and I wade out to join
The world can’t go down as long as one flame burns on.

Abba it’s not necessary for me to know
What You’re doing whether I understand or not
You’re the Light my soul hasn’t forgot
The hope for this darkening world
Rests in each of us surrendering all
So Your light can shine in darkest night.
d.f.a.v. 12/3/14