Right? Wrong?


There is, according to society,
No right, no wrong, it’s but relative
To who you are and who you’re with
To push and conquest and what they give.
It’s perfectly okay what you believe
As long as you don’t share it with me
For that could cross my comfort zone
Where I am is all I need to be.
No black, no white just gray it seems
Endless oceans of unanchored ships
Pursue yourself your self filled dreams.
Forget the Bible or even etiquette
Throw out common sense laws and intent
Dance solo to the beat you choose
It matters not the rules you’ve bent.
Then when consequences rear their heads
How can society even know
The things you’ve done, the things you’ve said?
But God’s a God of absolutes
There is a right, there is a wrong.
Whether you believe or not
God’s grace is sufficient through it all
God works if you but give Him a chance
The world’s opinion is but a crumbling wall.
          d.f.a.v. 10/23/14

Autumn Window


The old stone wall stood tall
One of four a home that was
It’s history gives the passer – by
A quiet, gentle, insistent call
“Come home! Come home!”

The roof long gone decades ago
Weather and wear still hardly show
It promises passage to another land
It draws you, calls you, don’t say no,
“Come home! Come home! “

The questions in your heart rise
Why abandoned does this place be?
It’s stone foundation and walls
Having withstood the winds and sorrows cries.
View through arched window, “Come home”.

The window ledge by breeze swept clean
You lean against it, peer through the canopy
Of crimson leaves a lacy veil
The peaceful treasure gold, bronze, orange is seen
To see this autumn window view “Come home.”

The air invigorates the windows view
Your feet now stand where others stood
Someone who built a home to last
Of them now these walls your only clue,
“Come home each season see them pass.”

The house has stood a test of time
Though roof is gone and none live here still
The window it’s sights longs to share
Seasons passage views so often fine,
You hear the call, “Come home! Stay home!”
                  d.f.a.v. 10/22/14

Cottage by the Sea 10/21/14


Abba Father;
it’s me…again.
Oh Lord I don’t want to complain
Sitting here…
Well, I know, others have it worse.
Even though this feels like a curse,
It’s not.
All I want to do
Is fall asleep talking with You.
Feel Your Spirit cover me
The medication to ease the pain
Leaving me able
Simply to…sleep.
Too many nights…
Too many days…
Help me find Your strength
Hear what You say…
Not for tomorrow do I ask
Only for today Lord,
Only for today.
            d.f.a.v. 10/21/14

Be the One You Are


Be the woman strong enough to say,
“God says I’m more valuable than this and I believe Him.”

Be the friend to yourself loving enough to say,
“Let me reach for help and be my own at the same time.”

Be the mother aware enough to say,
“Not my children. No they won’t grow up with these memories.”

Be the wife wise enough to say,
“I love you but not your anger, your punishment, your abuse of me.”

Be the partner determined to say,
“I am ending this before I hate you.”

Be the woman I know you are deep inside.
The four – year – old child who protected her brother.

Who fell asleep in my arms assured
I would keep my promise to not let you get hurt..

Please be this woman.
For you.
For your kids.
For your future.
For your family.
For me.

But most of all..
Please be this woman I know you are…
For you…
For your sons…
For your daughters.
             d.f.a.v. 10/20/14

Abusive relationships of any kind aren’t right according to the God I know.   If you are the one being abused, the strength to leave is within you.  If you need help ask.
If you are the abuser, let go, get help, STOP.  Love is not being hurt or hurting someone like this…with physical fists or emotional, mental or spiritual ones.

Who Do We Really KNOW?


Can you love someone without knowing them?
Like the -
Person on the computer far away?
How many hours, video chats, emails are logged?
But, do you KNOW them?
Like the -
Person you vow to love forever as you marry?
The one you agree to love through better or worse,
Richer or poorer?
On that wedding day
Do you KNOW them?
Even if you’ve lived with them?
Do you KNOW them?
Like your. ..
Pleasant and helpful neighbor?
Who ends up on the evening news?
For some horrendous crime?
And when asked you’re shocked?
They seemed like such a nice person?
Do you KNOW them?
Truth is…
We see and know what people want us to.
Sometimes their good and bad.
Some of us lay to sleep each night
Beside our partner, our husband, wife?
And we don’t have a clue to who they really are.
Same with our children.
Sometimes sadly,
NO, we don’t KNOW them.
It takes…
Time invested in learning and understanding them.
Hours of talking and sorting,
Hours of questions and answers,
Through the glorious times
The dregs of life times
And the grind of daily life times
Loving through better and worse
Through plenty and great need
In good health and poor,
Then we have at least begun
To KNOW them.
Do you know God?
Really KNOW Him?
Have you consumed His Word?
Prayed without ceasing?
Allowed Him to change you inside and out?
Do you live by His words?
Are you His hands and feet In this world?
Does His Spirit reside in you?
Not knowing Him intellectually,
The history, the words in His Word,
The theology and doctrine but…
Do you KNOW Him?
Is He the first you think of each morning?
The one You invite every day to work in and through you?
Is He the third person in your marriage?
The partner in your parenting?
The foundation of ALL your life?
Do you KNOW Him?
If not…
Would you like to?
If you do…
Will you continue?
Do you KNOW Him?
Do you WANT to?
               d.f.a.v. 10/19/14

Cottage by the Sea 10/17/14


Abba Father,
High tide leaves it’s mark
Respectfully I wheel myself close
Eyes scanning in the dark
Winds strong and wild add their dose.
Water surges hungry for my chair
Rain goes from stream to pound
Salty spray infuses the air
Once I was lost now I’m found.
Purple – white lightening streaks the skies
Dark clouds cover up the moon
Tears flow from my eyes
Full force storm will be here soon.
I need to be right where I am
Though dangerous I am aware
Any second the storm could slam
Logic questions this unwise dare
I can’t leave there is no way
Within me I know I need to do this
You’ve out there God night and day
You’re here in this storm’s hard kiss.
Blow away my fears and doubt
Scrub away my selfishness
Strike so excuses are burned out
Let no chains of Satan be missed.
Throw your storm at my heart
Pound and scrub till spotless clean
Then help me Lord to do my part
To trust You for all this means.
              d.f.a.v. 10/17/14

Another Glimpse of Heaven


Fields of grass and tall purple flowers
Joyfully playing with the wind
The suns rays almost level in this hour
While branches of trees dance and bend.
Fragrance of beauty scent the prize
With a peaceful knowing more is there
Just ahead over the next rise
Lay the gates of Heaven we’ll all share.
There can be no shadows or darkness here
No obstacles in moving to Heaven’s gates
My heart alive so free of fear
Arrived on time neither early nor late.
A joy exists as sweet as David’s psalms
For those who have God within our hearts
Whose names are engraved on His palms
Whose lives on earth they have made the part.
               d.f.a.v. 10/16/14


The reveal is coming the post read
And this beautiful woman earlier had said
I’m not quite sure yet of everything
But God has told me to shave my head.
I’m to keep it shaved for three and one half years
She was humble in her stature her eyes held tears
Her voice was shaking with every word
God was with her to calm her fears.
A beautiful person with a compassionate heart
Surrendering herself to complete her part
Of a larger picture still not quite known
And Evil will mock her and throw his darts.
You could tell from her partial reveal
This wasn’t a joke it was very real
God had asked her to make herself bald
Would such obedience be mine or would mine fail?
Then like lightening across the sky
His message flashed and before my eyes
God reminded me every day He asked
Surrender yourself to me let your faith thrive!
My dear sister in Christ sets an example I see
To heed God’s voice and decrees
Obeying with a child – like faith
Even those things requiring a sacrifice of me.
Would I shave my head like my sister will do?
Would you sacrifice something of high value to you?
If He asked us to give away all we have
Or mark ourselves for public ridicule?
It’s not what God sets before us as our task
But rather the obedience of what He asks
Our willingness, faith, our love for Him
These things assure our testimonies will last.
               d.f.a.v. 10/15/14

Crops in the Heart

Where crops of bitterness exist Lord,
Burn them down!
Let the flames illuminate
My envy, jealousy, lust, pride
Burn this crop so I cannot hide
Then give me tools and strength
To dig the roots from the ground.

Where a field of anger waves it’s fists
Still them with a mighty storm!
Let the thunder make them quake
Reminding them violence has its price
Hail and rain beat back their slice
Let the storm prove Your way
So the field of anger goes away
A fields heart is now reborn.

Through out the fields You’ve entrusted me
Rid them of weeds of discontent
Rip each one from the earth
Pull out roots which have no worth
Even if the ground with blood does run
Wash it clean when work is done
Sow it then with seeds of encouragement.

The crop You want from with my heart
Be the gardener!
Till the soil, plant the seeds
Nourish with gentle rain and sunny rays
For bountiful harvests to reap one day.
Prune away the pieces stunting growth
Pull up the weeds, plants and roots both,
So these heart fields produce for Your needs.
d.f.a.v. 10/14/14

Prayer from the Cottage by the Sea 10/10/14

Abba Father;
Allow me to kneel before Your throne
To press my forehead to the ground,
So I may be humbled in Your sight
My sins revealed in Your light.
Forgive me Jesus for the hurt I’ve caused,
My snippy tongue and attitude
Forgive me of any thought of flight
To slip away in darkest night.

Wash my heart, mind, body, soul
Cleanse me of the sins I must own
As the waves outside sweeps in and out
Leaving treasures taking away the work of doubt.
Let Your grace rain down as waves come in
Forgive me, free me from the dark within.
Restore my sight to the path set as my route,
Remind me what this journey is about.

Praises I offer You from my very soul
Gratitude for Your love for me
Stroked again is Your fire within my heart
Lead me, guide me, help me do my part
To see the wounded sisters and brothers
Who seek You though they be unaware
Restore to them their child – like faith and heart
Give them strength to avoid Evil ‘ s darts.

Believers, Christians we have this to do
Go out and take Your message forth
To all people, all men, all nooks of this earth
Share Your message of a second birth
How You and only You alone
Can fill the hole in aching hearts
You alone Sweet Jesus see our true worth
Filling us with love, joy, peace and mirth.

Thank You Lord for hearing me
Even more for forgiving me
Thank You for living inside this heart
Thank You for all the blessings You impart.
Walk with me today let me follow close
Your steps before me let me see the most.
You are the One True and Living God
In Heaven above and on this earthly sod.
                             d.f.a.v. 10/10/14